The Best of Remote by Equiem, 3 Weeks On

April 16, 2020

4 minute read

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We're 3 or so weeks into the launch of Remote by Equiem, our new platform designed to meet the needs of our clients and keep their tenants engaged, anywhere, anytime.

It's been an action-packed time at Equiem's global offices, developing and rolling out an impressive ecosystem of products and activations to continue to provide value to our clients and end users alike. Helping motivate our team to continue to power through mountains of work, has been feedback from clients, which have been consistently and unanimously positive thus far. Here are two great examples:


"With Equiem's Remote platform, we have been able to communicate with all of our tenants, on or off-property - which has been a godsend during these uncertain times. And this is just the start, as we are planning to utilize its impressive capabilities in communicating our return to work plans, smoothing the transition, welcoming our tenants back to their buildings. It's clear that Remote has allowed us to serve and support our tenants at the highest level."

Jimmy Parker - Director of Culture Initiative, Stockdale Capital Partners, LLC


"In 2019, we partnered with Equiem across a number of assets in our office portfolio to give us a new way to effectively communicate and engage with every person working within our assets, rather than just our key contacts. During the current (COVID-19) period, we have found (Equiem) has been a huge benefit, enabling us to ensure our occupiers are kept up to date with all relevant information they need, both on our building (desktop) portals and (mobile) apps alongside regular email newsletters, to keep everyone up to date in the ever changing landscape in which we find ourselves."

Sophie Weinmann - Director and Head of Manchester & Leeds, Ashdown Phillips & Partners


There's been a lot accomplished, but we've picked out some of our best moments from the last 3 weeks below:


Online fitness session for remote workers | Equiem tenant app


Live-streamed and On-Demand Virtual Fitness Classes

To continue our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our end users, we took our regular fitness classes into the virtual space, providing both live-streamed options — so users can continue to connect with those in their community from the comfort of home — and on-demand options for those that prefer to workout at a time that suits their schedule. 

Thanks to our national partners around the world, including Lulafit (US), Complete Corporate Wellness (AU), and Sweat IT (UK), we've been able to bring virtual wellness to life, with amazing results.

Our end-users can enjoy everything from yoga, Pilates, HIIT, meditation, boxing, and more.

See what some of our global users have to say about these latest virtual offerings:

"Thanks for keeping all this going during this time. I really appreciate the way you've adapted."


"This brightened my day. Thank you — useful and thoughtful activities and the ability to connect with others. Incredible effort."


"I really loved the class yesterday. Thanks so much for organising online sessions. looking forward to next week!"


You can read more about our Virtual Fitness classes in an extended article here.


Virtual easter egg hunt | Equiem tenant app


The Best of Our Virtual Activations

We wanted our end users to be just as engaged at home as they are in the building, and to continue to engage those still working from the office. 

We continued to provide the same online activations users have come to expect from the Platform, and bring our offline activations online. 

There has been a lot happening in the last few weeks, but some of our favourite virtual activations include:

  • Our first virtual Community Bingo event at 3 Hardman Life in the UK had 90 attendees and was a huge hit with the community.
  • It was chocolate galore on our Platforms around the world, with our Virtual Easter Egg Hunts kicking off in the lead up to the Easter long weekend, with chocolate goodies being home-delivered to all of our lucky winners.
  • We're keeping the lines of communication open by hosting virtual catch ups with the Concierge so that users can connect with the faces they've come to know and love in their building. 


Online events on your branded app | Equiem tenant app


Remote Resources

There's a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, with clients and tenants alike looking for ways to stay connected, find the right resources and stay motivated while working from home, which is why we've curated our Remote Resources library, featuring:

  • HR Corner: A range of resources to help HR personnel navigate this new remote landscape. We've successfully launched this feature in the US, with global rollout commencing soon.

  • Remote-Life: Our end users can find everything from fitness and nutrition tips, recommendations to make working from home easier, activities to keep the kids entertained, how to connect with others in the community, and more.

  • On-Demand: A compilation of the best video resources from our partners, including meditation, fitness, cooking classes, entertainment, arts and crafts, and more.

We're only just getting started, there's so much more to come in Remote by Equiem. To find out how Remote can benefit you, head here: