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What is Equiem?

Equiem is the original tenant experience platform, created to strengthen the relationship between buildings, workplace experience, and the people who work in them. Our vision is a workplace that becomes an extension of workers. We bring data, tenant experience, and space management together into a single, intuitive platform that makes sense for everyone in the office — from landlords and property managers to individual workers.

What is Tenant Experience?

Tenant experience is everything that guides the experience of people in the workplace. Put simply, it’s the day-to-day lives of real workers – from the coffee shop in the lobby to the way their office facilities support their work. The right tenant experience platform can streamline and personalise every part of the workplace experience process and create an asset that tenants truly value.
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Our Product

Equiem Tenant App | EquiemOne Platform

Building the workplace of today, tomorrow, and whatever comes next

Equiem One brings your building operations, workplace experience, and asset optimization analytics into a single, easy-to-understand building platform.
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The Equiem experience is one you don’t even need to think about. Users feel it every day in the ease with which they interact with your building. From building and portfolio managers to individual occupants, Equiem makes the workplace experience completely seamless.
Equiem Tenant App | Placemaking & Community Events

Placemaking & Events

Create a true sense of community within your asset and put it in the palm of your user’s hand. Host and promote events and team-building workshops; manage shared spaces and amenities; and streamline access to everything.

Equiem Tenant App | Property Orientation & Building News

Property Orientation & News 

Ground people within that space, with active news and events feeds plus all the property information they need. Get meaningful input from your tenants with deeply customizable surveys and polls.

Equiem Tenant App | Tenant Marketplace for Services & Retailers

Tenant Marketplace

Offer virtually anything: Food and drinks, fitness classes, lockers, and much more. Delight tenants with a convenient service, unlock new revenue, and empower retailers.

Equiem Tenant App | SMART Building Technology Dashboard

Building Comfort

Use unobtrusive SMART sensors to monitor and control the temperature and air quality of your building. Create the perfect environment for occupiers – and optimise the energy use required.

Equiem Tenant App | ECommerce


Save time, cut costs, and locate hidden opportunities as you manage your property. Control all your facility operations in Equiem’s backend – from access control and flex space to eCommerce.
Equiem Tenant App | Community Management CMS

Community Management

Take advantage of our simple CMS and our diverse library of engaging content to engage your occupiers.

Equiem Tenant App | Flex Space & Amenity Access Control

Flex Space & Amenity Access Control

Modernize the way you manage spaces. Create and manage flex spaces and control all access to your building and its amenities.

Facility Operations

Facility Operations

Simplify the complicated web of building operations. Manage everything from service and maintenance requests to your loading bay – all within the digital app’s backend.

Commerce & In-App Purchasing

Commerce & In-App Purchasing

Create a bustling eCommerce marketplace connecting your retailers to office workers. Empower your retailers with in-app purchasing and excite your users with new delivery options like desk-delivery.

Equiem Tenant App | Building Safety & Security

Building Safety & Security

Organise your building’s emergency processes and training materials in a single, easy-to-access location.

Equiem Tenant App |  Platform Intelligence Dashboards


Truly understand your tenants’ wants and needs – and how to meet them – with Equiem’s robust data and analytics suite. Use solid intelligence to create grounded, intentional strategies that are destined to succeed.
Equiem Tenant App | Tenant Data & Insights

Tenant Data & Insights

Gain new levels of insight over your tenants and the way they interact with space. Break down the data across levels, buildings, user interest, and more.

Equiem Tenant App | Tenant Leasing Dashboard

Tenant Leasing

Take what you learn about your tenants and transform it into powerful retention campaigns. Identify and address at-risk tenancies to safeguard your asset’s revenue.

Equiem Tenant App | ESG Goals & Support

ESG Goals & Support

Achieve your environmental, sustainability, and governance goals with app support for certifications and wellness.

Equiem Tenant App | SMART Tech Systems, Devices, & Sensors

SMART Tech Systems, Devices, & Sensors

Use SMART tech to optimise energy efficiency and monitor key environmental conditions such as temperature, air quality, and occupancy.

Equiem Tenant App What Do Office Solutions

Building solutions that work for everyone

Portfolio Manager

Understand the people and tenancies across your entire portfolio down to the individual user.

Workplace Manager

Make managing your building easy with adaptive technology to create work environments that are connected, intuitive, and engaging for all users.

Property Manager

Run all your building processes through a single platform and create a place where people love to work.

Employees / End User

Enter a new, more intuitive type of workplace, where you’re connected to services, shopping, and professional support in a way that makes sense for you.

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