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Introduction to privacy policy


This privacy policy ("Policy") explains when, why and how personal information is collected, used and disclosed by Equiem Services Limited (“Equiem”, “we”, “us”) including with respect to your access and use of this website which is owned and operated by Equiem (the Equiem website (located at and/or (the "Website") and the cloud-based portal application made available to you through Equiem operated websites or via mobile application by Equiem in relation to any building or site for the purpose of facilitating access to programs and services (the "Portal"). Except where this Privacy Policy expressly states otherwise, Equiem Services Limited is the controller of your personal data.

Please note that we will sometimes process your personal data on behalf of third parties. In these situations, the controller of your data is the third party and we act as their data processor. In particular:

  • We store your personal data in the Portal on behalf of the manager of the building or site to which the Portal relates ("Building Manager") and process it on their behalf to help them improve their services (for example, we use data analytics to provide Building Managers with insights into the types of retail outlets likely to be popular in the building or site they manage). In this context, Building Manager is the controller of your data and we act as their data processor (meaning we process your data as they direct us to). To learn more about how Building Manager processes your personal data, please refer to Building Manager's Privacy Policy.
  • Third party organisations who offer their products or services through our Portal ("Retailers") will process your personal data when you request a product or service from them. In this context, the Retailer is the controller of your personal data and we process it on their behalf for the purposes of concluding your transaction. We may also process your data on behalf of a Retailer to help them improve their services. You can find a full list of the Retailers that we work with on the relevant building or site-specific Portal which you are ordering a product or service on.

For the purposes of this Policy, "personal data" or "personal information" refers to personal data as defined by the Data Protection Laws (defined below), and includes any data that relates to you (such as your name, address, email address or device information that could identify you) and which is processed (i.e., stored, used, etc.) by Equiem, as described more particularly in the section entitled "What Personal Information Do We Collect?" below. We process personal data only in compliance with applicable data protection laws, including the UK Data Protection Act 2018, the Irish Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (the "GDPR") and any legislation that replaces or supersedes them (together, the "Data Protection Laws").

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