The Virtual Health & Wellbeing Experience: A Remote by Equiem Story

April 26, 2020

2 minute read

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Equiem proudly delivers a variety of fitness classes, mindful meditation practices and more to break up the work day, and promote health and wellbeing to our clients and their tenants.

Due to the current situation around the globe, we've taken a more creative approach to health and wellbeing in our building communities. 

Remote by Equiem

As part of Remote by Equiem, we've turned our fitness and wellness classes virtual, allowing tenants to dial in and participate, no matter where they are.

Remote worker takes advantage of online fitness class | Equiem tenant app


By coordinating with existing health and wellness providers, we've organised a virtual calendar of events to fill up the working week. To suit the varying schedules of our users, there is a mix of live-streamed and on-demand content to dip into. 

To channel the community spirit while working from home, users who logged into the live-streamed sessions are encouraged to leave their cameras on throughout the workout or practice to ensure the instructor is able to help where possible and to create a sense of community as all participants are displayed on the screen at the same time.

We've successfully delivered virtual yoga, HIIT, Pilates, and Qigong classes to our Platform communities and it's been a raging success — one of our classes had 100 users join the class at the same time! All of these live-streamed classes have delivered the activity, endorphins, and sense of calm tenants are looking for right now.


See what some of our global users have to say about these latest virtual offerings:

"Thanks for keeping all this going during this time. I really appreciate the way you've adapted."


"This brightened my day. Thank you — useful and thoughtful activities and the ability to connect with others. Incredible effort."


"The class was great thanks, the instructors were motivating and the length of the class was just right given the intensity."


"It was a great session and I'll definitely be attending the next one."


"I really loved the class yesterday. Thanks so much for organising online sessions. looking forward to next week!"

The virtual health and wellness classes are just a small part of what we have planned for Remote by Equiem. We're excited to see the feedback from all of our future online engagement options and look forward to creating that sense of community anywhere, anytime.

Interested in launching Remote in your building or company? Find out more about Remote here.