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Read Equiem's 2023 Global Tenant Report

Equiem has completed our annual survey of office workers from around the world, with almost 3,000 users telling us what they value about their workplace. 2022 marks the third year in a row that Equiem has conducted a wide-ranging survey of our...

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Equiem modernized a major british client's visitor management system | Equiem tenant app

Visitor Management in Action

Equiem has helped many clients modernize their Visitor Management Systems, streamlining the process for guests and occupiers alike. In a recent post, we looked at the advantages of modernising the Visitor Management System in your commercial asset....

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Visitor management is key to a building's tenant experience | Equiem tenant app

What can visitor management do for buildings?

The lobby of an office building is some of the busiest floorspace in commercial real estate. It’s also where your building – and the companies within – make their first impression. And as we all know… first impressions matter. Simple, seamless,...

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