Four ways Equiem One will change the workplace

June 14, 2022

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Equiem One stands to change a lot about the commercial landscape, and it’s easy to get lost in the big picture. Today, we take a look at five specific things set to change in the era of Equiem One.

We’ve already dug into what Equiem One will change for Property Managers and Workplace Managers. We’ve also given you an overview of Equiem One’s potential. Now it’s time to dig into the details and look at some of the things that will change day-to-day as a result of Equiem One.

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1. Workers have the whole workplace at their fingertips

Equiem One’s modular interface means that everyone in the workplace – including employees – can see everything they need in a single window.

Equiem One's modular interface | Equiem tenant app
Equiem One's unique single-point interface lets you see what matters to YOU


That means workers will no longer need to navigate to specific tabs just to find what they need. Now they’ll see all the important news and information about their building on the same screen that shows their bookable spaces, upcoming events, and more!

2. Collaborate

In the past, different stakeholders have used different tools to manage and engage with the workplace. Equiem One brings all those stakeholders onto a single platform. And that makes it simpler to collaborate on everything from content and event strategy to long-term building projects.

Imagine a common meeting room, shared by all the members of the building community. In the past, workplace managers or individual workers might have had to contact the building manager in order to check its availability. Or worse, it could have been used on an ad hoc basis, depending on when it’s empty.

Workers had no reliable way to ensure access and property managers had no source of accurate analytics to let them know if the meeting room was overused or underutilised.

Now, Equiem One means that the property manager can run the space in the back end while workers can book time in the room online. In addition to that, both the workplace manager and property manager will have access to detailed analytics, breaking down just how that meeting room is used. You might even find that demand is so high you can create several more paid spaces around your property.

Oh, and you can set that up in Equiem One as well!

3. Amenities are easier to manage and access

Workplaces are starting to offer more to their workers. Modern offices boast cafes and shopping, gyms and health centres… even bookable flex space and focus spaces.

These amenities are more important than ever now that so many people are opting to work from home at least part of the week. Making the workplace a natural choice for workers means ensuring that it has more to offer them than the home office. And it’s essential to make sure that workers can easily access and engage with these amenities.

Equiem One makes this easier by centralising bookings and access within the employees’ Equiem One hub. On the same screen that houses their news feed – perhaps featuring articles highlighting star amenities – workers will be able to book time in those same amenities.

4. One point of access

Equiem One is a single platform boasting all of Equiem’s powerful workplace tools. That means you only have to sign a single contract and go through a single onboarding process.

But those aren’t the only time-saving dividends Equiem One has to offer. With just one point of access to manage and interact with your asset, you’ll be able to do an unprecedented amount of tasks from one place. Use Equiem One to update individual profiles, manage access to your building, report problems, provide feedback, and much more.

You can even bulk-upload profiles when a new tenant comes onboard, meaning their employees will be up and running on the platform as soon as they’re in the building.

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