Equiem One: How Property Managers Find Hidden Opportunities

June 14, 2022

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Equiem One is designed to make buildings feel more human… and not just for the people who work in them. Property Managers will also reap the benefits of a more responsive, intuitive set of management tools.

Let’s imagine a typical morning for the average Property Manager. You come in to work, sit down at your desk, and open up your task manager. First thing’s first, a new tenant is moving in this week. And that means laboriously onboarding each team member into the building’s tenant app.

You spend an hour or so entering data. After that, you’ll spend the rest of the morning reaching out to workplace managers to attempt to gauge the workplace satisfaction of their employees. And while you’re at it, you’ll also remind them of the big activation event planned for the end of the week. You’ve talked to a couple that don’t even know about it!

It all sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it? Well… not anymore!


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Thanks to Equiem One, the painstaking labour often associated with property management is replaced with a single seamless hub that makes it easy to work with and for the people in your property.

Read on to discover how it works.

A powerful tool for Property Managers

Equiem One is the Next Gen of building management tools. Housed in one streamlined hub are all the tools you need to do your job.

And when we say your job, we really do mean your job. Every stakeholder has their own unique view, offering immediate access to only the modules relevant to their role. Property Managers will simply open their Equiem One homepage, and immediately see all the tools they need to manage their property. 


Example of Equiem One property manager view | Equiem tenant app
Equiem One's convenient single view shows you everything you need to see.


Equiem One’s modular design puts your most important tools at your fingertips. Plan events, create content, and gauge the satisfaction of the people in your buildings at a single glance.

In the past, Property Managers were forced to use several – sometimes conflicting – tools to deal with each of these tasks. An event management platform in one window, a CMS in the next, and a whole separate suite of data analytics tools to make sense of everything. Equiem One brings the power of all those programs onto a single screen. 

It even takes the busy work out of notoriously labour-intensive tasks such as user onboarding. With Equiem One, you no longer have to painstakingly enter individual user details to your TenX app. Now, you can simply invite all users in one easy step.

Bulk add users with Equiem One | Equiem tenant app
Add users in bulk.

The combination of convenience, responsiveness, and adaptability can make Equiem One the most powerful tool in a Property Manager's toolset.

Many hands make light work

One of the most revolutionary aspects of Equiem One is the new ease it brings to collaboration. 

Until now, Property Managers were often using completely unrelated tools to the Workplace Managers within their building. And portfolio managers added a whole extra layer of complexity on top of that.

Equiem One is a single platform for every stakeholder in the building ecosystem. By sharing a single, unified platform, those stakeholders have greater opportunity to collaborate and share tasks. Now, you can plan and execute activation events collaboratively with your Workplace Managers. You will all have access to the Events module within Equiem One, allowing everyone to see what events are coming up, participate in their planning, and even monitor the final results.

And it goes far beyond event planning. The same transparency applies to everything from content and Building Information posts to amenities management. And the pool of important data that you can pull from the way your users interact with Equiem One is perhaps the most valuable tool of all.

Understand the people in your property

Centralising all your building management tools has a powerful effect. It allows all your data to be centralised as well.

What does this mean? It means every interaction – every single one – can be broken down into valuable data. Whenever an employee attends an event, reads a piece of content, orders something from an onsite retailer… you’ll get valuable insights into their relationship with their workplace. And those insights will be shared with every stakeholder in the building.

Property Managers, Workplace Managers, and Portfolio Managers will all have access to the same analytics. And that means you can make educated decisions about the workplace satisfaction of your user base, then act together to improve and enhance it.

Ultimately, this level of understanding, transparency and control will deliver a better workplace experience for your tenants, and ensure that when the time comes, they’ll eagerly renew their lease.

Take the painstaking, manual labour out of Property Management! Book a free demo and enter the era of Equiem One.

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