Equiem One is creating a more human workplace experience

August 24, 2022

4 minute read

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At Equiem, we know that workplaces are more than just buildings. They’re communities made up of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of unique members. Equiem One is designed around those communities. It’s made for buildings, and built for people.

When we think about Workplace Experience, it can be easy to get bogged down in figures like Click Rates and Tenant Retention. Of course, it’s important for a good Workplace Experience to be able to deliver results. But the best way to do that persistently is by creating a true sense of community that feels genuinely inclusive and exciting.

Equiem One a more human workplace experience

Equiem One is a platform designed to deliver human experiences within the workplace.

Today, we take a look at how Equiem One will build on Equiem’s long-standing commitment to humanity in the workplace. 

Equiem is more than just a tenant app

More than a decade ago, Equiem created the Workplace Experience field. 

At the time, we envisioned a product that would help landlords solve landlord problems. Commercial landlords wanted a way to truly communicate with and understand the people in their buildings. At the time, there was no tool to solve that problem.

So, we created Equiem. And once we got started, we couldn’t stop developing new functionalities and features. Why? Because people were hungry for a better way to engage with the workplaces and communities they were part of.

Over the years, we developed deep communications tools, a fully-functioning eCommerce platform, a responsive content management system, and much more – all bolstered by on-the-ground assistance from Equiem’s passionate Community Management team.

And while Equiem One is the next step, it’s important to recognise that everything that has made Equiem special will continue to form the foundation of our platform, even as it grows more responsive and intuitive.

Equiem One will only make it easier to create the unique experiences we’ve been bringing to workplaces for more than a decade. Let’s examine a recent Case Study and see how Equiem One’s innovations will simply add to it.

Reminding people what they love about work

One of our clients was eager to welcome their workforce back to the office after months of lockdowns. They wanted to leverage their newly refurbished lobby to stage an event that would not only feel welcoming, but actually incentivise employers to return.

We decided to make a bit of a splash with an eye-catching ceiling display festooned with balloons and tinsel. But there was more to this display than you might think at first. Hidden within the display were secret items forming part of a scavenger hunt that we launched on the building’s portal. Every day, a new post would go out with a hint about the hidden item on the lobby ceiling.

Users could enter the solution in an online poll, hosted on their Equiem portal. But to find the items, they’d have to check the display out in person.

The response was overwhelming, earning hundreds of page views, a healthy bump in Monthly Active Users, as well as the endorsement of users on the site. One user even told us, “I'm so on to this...I want to win the pink bubbly & champagne glasses"

Equiem One levels up the human factor

The example above would not have been possible without the components of Equiem that have always separated us from the crowd. Our onsite Community Management team helped to create the lobby display and scavenger hunt with a passion that instantly came across to the building’s occupiers. Without that human touch, it’s unlikely that the lobby installation would have been as effective as it was.

Equiem One is the next step, bringing together everything that Equiem has developed over the last ten years on one streamlined platform. The only difference is that it will now be easier for Property Managers and Workplace Managers to collaborate on the events within their buildings and easier to promote them to the people who work there.

With everyone responsible for managing the building’s community events on a single platform, all using the same tools, collaboration will be easier than ever. And users will instantly see upcoming events whenever they log in to their new Equiem One hub – as well as the News Posts promoting those events – all within a single view.

Equiem One isn’t changing anything fundamental about Equiem. It’s just making it easier to deliver on the promise Equiem has always believed in… a more human workplace, built around real communities.

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