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Equiem for Workplace Manager

Create a workplace experience that brings out the best in your people

Empower your workers with an office experience that feels like it was created just for them. Connect them to their building’s amenities, services, events, and retailers – all from a single, easy-to-use platform
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Benefits to workplace managers:


Streamline everything from flex spaces bookings to visitor access

Easily manage your workers’ access to the building and its bookable spaces. Digital passes are available within the app, meaning permissions can be kept up to date at all times.
  • Seamless digital access to your building and other restricted area
  • Connect your workers to flex space options throughout your building, bookable within the app
  • Give your people control over their environment, empowering them to do their best work

Organize events and employee programs to enrich the workplace experience and culture

Create a vibrant calendar of events – both professional and social – to foster a sense of community and culture within your workplace.
  • Plan and throw exciting events
  • Showcase upcoming events within your dynamic news feed
  • Attendees can RSVP within the app
  • Work with onsite retailers to make events as exciting as possible

Deepen the connection between your workers and the local precinct

Give your workers access to a customized eCommerce platform that connects them directly to the buildings food and retail options. Innovative delivery options make the work day more convenient than ever.
  • Users can browse available onsite retailers in a responsive eCommerce store designed just for them
  • Offer exciting pickup and delivery options including direct-to-desk delivery
  • Offers and discounts can encourage deeper engagement and improve workplace satisfaction

Workplace manager case studies:

Make it easier for workers to access their workspace


One major British landlord were looking to modernize their building access. After the pandemic, they thought people would appreciate touchless access their workspace. However, they wanted to implement their new system while retaining their existing
access gates.


The answer was Equiem’s Vicinitee, a space management solution that can be integrated with a huge variety of existing infrastructure. Once the client was onboarded, workers were able to scan a digital access pass in their app to gain access to their building.


Workers were finally able to ditch their old access cards. Now, they simply use their phones – with their Workplace App installed – to get through the gates. Not only is this more convenience, it’s also more hygienic… an important factor in today’s landscape.

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Foster a thriving office culture


This Brisbane office had recently refurbished their lobby, and they wanted a way to make it truly feel like a welcoming space for workers. They came to Equiem and asked us to devise a lobby-based campaign that could get their people excited.


We went all out, creating a dazzling ceiling display with balloons and tinsel. But it wasn’t just for decoration! We also launched a scavenger hunt on the building’s app, Hidden amidst the display were secret items. Every day, a new post would go out with a hint about that day’s hidden item, and workers could enter the solution for a chance to win a prize.


The campaign was a big hit with users, garnering hundreds of page views and many competition entries. Bringing a touch of fun to the workplace, the scavenger hunt introduced users to the new lobby while also making the entire workplace feel interactive and fun.

Give employees unfettered access to local businesses


Our client, an Oklahoma-based office, wanted to showcase their onsite coffee vendor who was preparing to relaunch after the pandemic. Their hope was that the buzz around the coffee shop – in tandem with some enticing incentives – could help draw their employees back to the office.


We spearheaded a campaign on the building’s Equiem app, designed to showcase the coffee vendor. A post went out to employees, letting them know that if they RSVPd to the grand reopening, they’d get a free coffee during their opening week.


The promotion was a success for the employees and the retailer alike. 100 employees RSVP’d, simultaneously boosting the profile of the vendor while also encouraging employees back to work.