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A sneak peek into how Equiem brings building operations, workplace experience, and asset optimization analytics into a single, easy-to-understand smart building platform.

Tenant experience, operations, analytics – all in one.

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Why Equiem?


Expert Support

Tenant experience expert support on the only true end-to-end platform in the market--with you every step of the way.


Made by Landlords

Our roots are in real estate. So we know the best building communities are built on relationships. Made by landlords - for landlords.


Proven Experience

11 years of proven expertise delivering real and tangible results for leading landlords and over 9,000 companies worldwide.

Employee Assistance Program

Built for People

Technology creates conditions for great experiences, but it is not enough. Our platform builds tenant experience custom-fit for your community.

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Why do more choose Equiem?

Building operations, workplace experience, and asset optimization analytics into a single, easy-to-understand smart building platform.
From building and portfolio managers to individual occupants, Equiem makes the workplace experience completely seamless.
Control all your facility operations and access the entire Equiem suite through a single, streamlined hub. Save time, cut costs, and locate hidden opportunities as you manage your property.
 Data and insights with unique views for portfolio managers, building managers, workplace managers, employees, and more.
Modular, customizable design to show you ONLY what you want to see. Equiem is made by landlords, for landlords, and with 11 years of proven experience, we know how to make the workplace work for you.
The original tenant experience platform, created to strengthen the relationship between buildings, workplace experience, and the people who work in them.
Data, tenant experience, and space management together into a single, intuitive platform that makes sense for everyone — from landlords and property managers to individual workers.

Create the workplace of the future with Equiem.