Roadmap to success: Get started with the Equiem tenant experience

November 15, 2021

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When you make the decision to use Equiem, you're not just getting a tenant experience platform. You're getting a platform tailor-made to meet the needs — and promote the strengths — of your site. Learn how we take you from idea to implementation in as little as 10 weeks.

What makes for a truly great tenant experience platform? It starts with a great site. At its core, Equiem is simply a technology that allows your site's occupants to engage with everything your site has to offer. And the way they engage allows you to better understand your site's occupants.

The best tenant management software tells the story of your site

Encouraging your occupants to engage deeply with your site is all about two-way communication. The strengths of your site must be communicated to your users. And they must feel empowered to engage deeply.

To make that a reality, we work with you every step of the way. We find out what's special about your site, and ensure that your users are able to take full advantage of everything you have to offer.

Are you part of a thriving retail precinct? Does your building house a range of dining and retail options that your occupants could take advantage of? Are there common spaces available but none of your tenants seem to know about them?

The best tenant experience software connects your occupants with everything your site has to offer, letting them take true advantage of your facilities. And creating a relationship between occupants and the building that becomes essential to daily living — both at a business and personal level.

Discovery — what do you want from your tenant and landlord software?

Every site is different. That's why the Equiem platform can be tailor-made to suit your building's needs and facilities.

We begin the process with an extensive discovery process that usually takes about three weeks. This first phase of your Equiem rollout kicks off with a meeting between Equiem and the key stakeholders of your project. In this meeting, we'll begin to familiarise ourselves with your building and its facilities, as well as your goals for the platform. It's vital that your tenant experience platform be designed in your image. You want your tenant app to feel like an essential part of the workplace experience.

Consultation to design the perfect tenant app for your site | Equiem tenant appWe help you define your exact goals for your Equiem tenant experience platform

After our kickoff meeting, we'll begin mapping out your customer journey. We'll define your objectives and plan out the technical scope of your project. It's in this phase that your unique platform truly starts to take shape. 

Design and development — craft your perfect Equiem tenant experience

After we've learned all we can about your needs and facilities, it's time to design the perfect platform. At this point, we'll begin building the technology and integrations you'll need to truly modernise your site. 

We'll also create content and retail strategies intended to maximise engagement of your occupants. Again, these are bespoke strategies, carefully crafted around your site's facilities, location, and —most importantly — your objectives. The content selected and created will showcase your buildings‚" strengths and encourage your users to engage with the app and the services available.

At the same time, your retail strategy will leverage your onsite retailers. Your Equiem tenant app will boost the visibility of your retailers, while also giving users more convenient ways to interact with them. And the data you glean from these interactions will allow you to shape a long-term retail strategy around the wants of your users.

Once we've built the technology and crafted your content and retail strategies, it's time to start rolling out the platform!

Launch — introduce your occupants to the Equiem tenant experience

By now, you've worked with our team to design your ideal tenant app. Now you get to introduce it to your tenants!

This process starts with all the major project stakeholders, from the building manager to tenant representatives and even leaders of your onsite retail and service providers. This phase is all about onboarding and training, ensuring that everyone in charge of interacting with the platform knows exactly how it works.

Next, we'll soft-launch it to your occupants. This allows the key stakeholders to get a handle on how it all works in a live, but low-pressure, environment. And once everybody feels confident and comfortable, we'll go live to the entire site! And don't forget — every Equiem rollout includes signage to help generate excitement and registrations throughout the building.

Once the users are onboard, your content and retail strategies will encourage immediate engagement. It's this engagement that will help to create a future strategy that speaks directly to what your users want. By combining engagement with careful analysis of data, you create momentum — an ongoing, symbiotic relationship between your site and your occupants.  

This relationship is key. It's powerful, useful, and — most importantly — hard to break.

Results — a real relationship with your users

Congratulations! At this stage, your branded Tenant platform is up and running. Your occupants can now start using your mobile app and desktop app to help guide and improve their day-to-day activities and operations.

Your returns will be twofold. First of all, a better workplace experience can help boost tenant retention while also incentivising individual workers to spend more time in the office. This has never been more important than it is right now, as businesses all over the world begin to navigate a return to office after the long-term impacts of the COVID pandemic.

Secondly, your Equiem tenant app allows you to learn about the businesses and workers who call your sites their home. And there is a veritable treasure trove of information to be gleaned from your users' engagement with their tenant app. Take a look at our 2021 Global Office Tenant Report.

Remember, the best tenant management software exists to tell the story of your site. Invite your occupants to become an essential part of that story! Book a demo with us today and let your sites become all they can be.

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