Why are workers flocking back to Equiem buildings?

December 15, 2021

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Occupancy rates are slowly starting to rise again in the US, UK, and across the world. But still, many workers are holding on to their remote-first or hybrid work style. Our recent Global Tenant Report shows a marked increase in the desire to return to work. So, why are workers in Equiem buildings eager to return?

There's no single answer to that question. Equiem is a unique tool in enticing workers back to the workplace precisely because it has so much to offer. Whether it's paving the way for a more flexible work experience, engaging workers directly, or discerning what they actually want, Equiem can be the most powerful force in any return-to-work strategy.

A tailor-made workplace experience

You could forgive employers and building managers for feeling frustrated in today's unprecedented environment. After decades of the workplace being an unquestioned, intrinsic part of work, it's suddenly been thrown into question. Workers have spent two years adapting to new systems and ways of working. And now they have to be convinced that the workplace is as important to them as it is to their employer.

Equiem makes it possible to tailor the workplace down to the individual worker. Using our tenant analytics dashboard, you can easily see what content is engaging which tenants or tenancy groups. This analysis will form the basis for your engagement activities. By gauging user interest in specific content areas, you can design activities around existing interests across your sites.

And Equiem makes it easy to get information about these events in front of the right eyes. Our push notifications can be segmented into interest groups, letting you target individual notifications to those workers who will value them the most. Connecting a user with an event designed to appeal to them is as easy as pressing a button. Use this function to extend invites to the right users.

Great tenant engagement activities

Content is only one side of the coin. It's also important to make sure your content is driving your users to exciting activities that remind them why the workplace is so vital.

Once you've come to understand your users with our custom analytics tools, it's time to put together the perfect engagement activities. As long as you build it around the interests of your users and their desire for community, you'll be setting your campaign up for success.

See Equiem's new eBook for great ideas to improve the workplace experience
See Equiem's new eBook for great ideas to improve the workplace experience


Equiem's Ultimate Welcome Back Playbook is jam-packed with these kinds of ideas. From desk drops and lobby-based activities to wellbeing initiatives like yoga classes. But remember, the best ideas are built around your users. Every building is different, but Equiem gives you the power to understand each individual that works within them.

Tips and strategies in our Welcome Back Playbook

When you're facing an uncertain future, it can feel daunting to allocate budget for campaigns and activities designed to entice workers back. What if your campaign is unsuccessful. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a source of easy-to-implement strategies backed by 10 years of user data?

Well, we've got good news! Our Ultimate Welcome Back Playbook is exactly that! And it's only one click and a free download away. Equiem's 38-page playbook is packed full of engagement campaigns, event ideas, and even pre-populated budgets to help you set up a return-to-work campaign that will work for your properties.

It outlines an easy-to-use "ideas matrix" that helps you understand your users, craft a powerful first impression, and back it up with an ongoing content and engagement strategy. The purpose of any return-to-work campaign should be community. It's about reminding people of the true value of the workplace — community and collaboration.

Equiem gives you the tools to truly understand what's unique about your building's community. And it gives you the tools to harness that uniqueness and remind your users why they can't live without it.

Ready to supercharge your welcome back plan? Book a free demo and use every tool in the Equiem toolbox.