What's In Remote? Take a Tour of Key Features

May 4, 2020

3 minute read

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Transitioning from the office to working from home 24/7 isn't  easy, so we launched our new Remote platform  to help tenants stay connected, productive, and healthy with virtual amenities, forums, and digital services. It also allows landlords to build a critical communications channel with their tenants through the lockdown, allowing them to send key updates as the COVID-19 situation develops.

There are a ton of useful features on the Remote platform designed to elevate tenant's work-from-home life including cooking classes, fitness classes, productivity articles, activities for children, and live meditation sessions. All of the content is accessible on any device - whether desktop, tablet, or mobile phone - ensuring tenants have maximum flexibility with accessing content.

There's a lot to Remote - so we've put together this walkthrough to take you through three key features: Remote Life, On-Demand Activities, and Livestreamed Events


Demo of Equiem's event page | Equiem tenant app

Remote Life

Staying social and maintaining a good work-life balance is essential during this global pandemic. Remote Life is intended to help tenants stay comfortable, productive, and entertained while working from home. Within the Remote Life tab, tenants can discover various products and services to help them thrive while staying home. Here is a breakdown of each section within Remote Life:


  • Home Office: Recommended products to set up the optimum home office space.
  • Wellness: Professional wellness services such as e-counseling, nutrition supplements, aromatherapy, workout gear, and more.
  • Pantry: Meal options, grocery delivery, and laundry services.
  • Kids Corner: Fun activities, games, and products to keep kids educated and entertained.
  • Entertainment: Apps, games, and social activities to stay connected with friends and family. 
  • Level Up: Learn a new language or pick up a new instrument with these virtual courses. 
  • Platform Directory: Tenants can stay connected with peers and fellow building members while being away from the office.


On demand activities in the Equiem tenant platform | Equiem tenant app


On-Demand Activities

Our On-Demand Activities tab offers a vast library of virtual experiences including cooking classes, meditation sessions, yoga, and so much more. Incorporating physical activity into a daily schedule is a great way to maintain a healthy mind and body. The On-Demand Activities include:

  • Workouts: Tenants will find all of the fitness tutorials and online classes at their fingertips! Whether they want yoga, core, HIIT, or dance...there's a workout for everyone. 
  • Activities: The activities section is designed to improve wellbeing and keep tenants entertained while they work from home. It encompasses everything from cooking tips, ukulele lessons, "how to make the perfect cold brew" and more!
  • Meditations: Everyone needs to take a mental break every now and then. Guided meditations will help tenants stay mindful while alleviating stress. 


Branded tenant app | Equiem tenant app


Livestream Events

Virtual events are a great way to bring some normalcy back into quarantine life. Tenants can search between different categories within the Livestream Events tab such as:

  • Art & Culture 
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Fitness
  • Art & Exhibition
  • Building Event
  • Competitions
  • Educational & Hobbies
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Music & Theatre
  • Tech


From a morning pilates barre class, a midday yoga flow, or a virtual vegetable gardening webinar...your tenants will find all kinds of events to keep them active, entertained, and educated. Tenants can click on any Livestream Event they want to attend to see more details, RSVP, add the event to their calendar, or invite others to join.

These are just a few of the features you'll find while exploring our Remote platform. Incorporating new activities and virtual events into the workday is a great way to break up the monotony and stay engaged with the community. The right resources will help tenants stay motivated and productive while navigating through these uncertain times. We hope you continue to enjoy all of the facets that the Remote platform has to offer! 

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