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December 8, 2021

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In commercial real estate, landlords need to know their customer. But the commercial customer is a complicated beast. Each tenant and each worker in every building plays a part in each decision. Luckily, Equiem's tenant analytics dashboard gives you an easy way to understand the entire ecosystem.

Knowledge is power. And understanding exactly how your occupiers interact with your building is particularly powerful knowledge. When the time comes for your tenants to renew their lease, you'll know exactly what they like about your building, what they'd appreciate more of, and how they engage with all your amenities.

A leasing dashboard that understands tenants

Equiem's tenant analytics dashboard is an intuitive, responsive portal for all the data you collect on tenants. And if you're using Equiem, you have lots of data. Every time a user interacts with the app — whether they're ordering a coffee, booking a meeting room, or checking the air quality — you get data you can use to understand your tenants more clearly.

So, what can you actually see on the tenant dashboard? And how can you leverage that information to ensure your tenants value your building and everything it has to offer them?

Painting a picture with data

The data you gather in Equiem's app isn't just raw numbers — it's a picture of each individual user. And with that picture, you can understand the mosaic that is each tenancy, each building, and each portfolio.

Tenant activity and leasing dashboards make data easy to understand
Get a clear picture of how each user engages with your site

Get to know every user in your building, which tenancy they belong to, and how they interact with your facilities and services. You can see how each user engages with your eCommerce options, building facilities, meeting rooms, and content. And best of all, you can look at this data for each tenancy, building, or even the whole portfolio.

Our dashboard gives you a perfect portrait of every user that engages with the Equiem tenant app. And it gives you the tools to paint a portrait of every tenant, so you can understand exactly what they value about your building. That's valuable info when it comes time to negotiate their lease renewal.

Content: Key to the Equiem tenant experience

Your content allows you to speak directly to your tenants. And the way they engage with that content allows them to speak directly to you. The tenant analytics dashboard is where you go to hear them.

Content analytics is key to the Equiem tenant experience dashboard
Understand the type of content that your tenants and users respond to

Learn which pieces of content are creating the biggest buzz. What are your users reading and sharing? And has that changed over time?

Our dashboard offers a simple, visual representation of your users' engagement. And the way they engage lets you know what they're excited about, and even spot emerging trends among your buildings. Again, these results can be segmented by tenancy. So, individual engagement is not just about the individual.

Each data point is one tile in a mosaic that shows you exactly what's going on with each tenant.

A marketplace that works for everyone

The detailed data that our dashboard offers means you can ensure you have a thriving eCommerce marketplace that works for your customers, your vendors, and your building. 

Know exactly what your users love, and then offer it to them in new and exciting ways. The insights you gain from the tenant dashboard allow you to craft a bespoke strategy that makes sense for the businesses and users in your building. Plus you can leverage functions like push notifications to send specials and offers to the users most likely to engage with them.

Combining tenant insight and communication functions can make each user feel like the marketplace was designed especially for them.

It's only part of the picture

The detailed information available in the Equiem tenant analytics dashboard is only part of the whole picture. A powerful part, certainly, but still just one moving piece. Functions such as space booking, visitor management, and a responsive eCommerce marketplace round out the experience.

It's a tenant experience that's designed to fit seamlessly into your users' day-to-day lives. And as that boosts engagement, you gain more insight into each and every tenancy. Which makes it easy to build a concrete, data-driven retention strategy. The kind of strategy that you can feel confident about.

It's time to dig into the details! Book a free demo today to understand how a data-driven strategy can help you boost tenant retention.

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