Empower tenants and retailers with Equiem Marketplace

March 1, 2021

2 minute read

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Our market-leading Marketplace e-commerce platform allows your tenants to purchase products and services directly from onsite retailers. Now, users can access a complementary store experience on both our mobile and web apps — giving them greater flexibility during their working day.

Prior to COVID-19, our Marketplace e-commerce platform was designed solely for use with the native mobile app version of our tenant experience platform. Users favoured an app-based experience when purchasing goods and services from onsite retailers. 

Now, as tenants are returning to their offices, we have seen a new appetite arise for desktop-based functionality. To illustrate, here's a popular use case: Users want to be able to order their morning coffee fix en route to the office, and have it ready for collection by the time they set foot inside their building lobby. But later in the morning, while at their desk, they prefer to order lunch and book into an afternoon yoga class using their desktop computer. Now they have that flexibility.

Better yet: The web and mobile versions of the store work together seamlessly, ensuring frictionless transition between the two platforms. Order progression updates, for instance, carry over automatically — so you can place an order, close your desktop browser, and open the app in your smartphone to monitor your order on its journey to completion. 

Comparing Equiem's e-commerce platform on mobile and web | Equiem tenant app
The mobile and web apps feature a complementary look and feel.


Replicating and optimising the UI

To ensure the two platform experiences meld, we have replicated the mobile-based store user interface and optimised it for the web format. Users can still navigate custom categories (such as "dry cleaning", "breakfast", and "fitness"), and can still browse your onsite retailer pages directly. The search function, too, connects user queries with retailers and products as it does on the mobile app.

Equiem e-commerce retailer pages.
Each retailer has its own page, complete with products, services, and contact information.

Our new web store interface has its own benefits, though. The web format, by its nature, increases the amount of information that can be displayed to users at once. On a single page, users can see retailers, categories, products, product descriptions, and more. This means more promotional real estate for you and your retailers, and a more efficient shopping experience for customers.

The store page of Equiem's marketplace e-commerce platform.
The store is designed to make browsing and checking out quick and efficient.


Simple, instantaneous rollout

There is no additional work required in launching your Marketplace store across the mobile and web platforms. If your store is live and configured for mobile, a simple ticked box will set it live on your web platform. All of the same retailers, products, categories, images, and descriptors will automatically carry over to the web platform from our back-end Store Manager product.

Interested in learning more about Marketplace, or supporting onsite retailers post-COVID with your own tenant experience platform and e-commerce solution? Book a demo today.