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October 12, 2022

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Equiem has helped many clients modernize their Visitor Management Systems, streamlining the process for guests and occupiers alike.

In a recent post, we looked at the advantages of modernising the Visitor Management System in your commercial asset. Now, we want to tell you how Equiem helped one client do exactly that.

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Setting the scene

The year was 2021, and one of Equiem’s major British clients was preparing their Return to Work campaign. They knew that tensions around safety and hygiene were still running high, creating a potential roadblock for their users’ return. The client needed a way to ensure that users and visitors alike would feel safe accessing the building.

There was only one problem – their access system was dated and manual. It may have worked fine before the pandemic, but now it had the potential to seem outdated and give users pause about returning to the physical workspace. They needed a way to modernise their visitor management.

They came to Equiem for help.

How Equiem helped create a modern VMS

Number one on our client’s list of requirements was ensuring that they could roll out touchless access for everyone entering their building. Life was returning to normal and restrictions were rolled back across the city, so our client was ready to launch their ‘Return to Work’ campaign.

Key to this plan was ensuring that workers felt comfortable returning to a physical workspace. Prior to the pandemic, touchless access had not been a major priority for the building. Why would it be? But now, with employers struggling to build confidence among their workers, a more hygienic way to access the building rose to the top of the list.

To help them achieve this goal, Equiem onboarded the client to our cutting-edge Spaces and Visitor Management System. Equiem’s VMS features an easy-to-use digital access function for visitors. 

What does this mean for visitors? Well, rather than needing to chat to reception, acquire a pass, or be met in the lobby by a representative of their host company, all they need to do is check their email. Anyone invited to the building gets an email containing a barcode. This barcode effectively becomes an instant digital pass, allowing visitors to enter the workplace without placing a single finger on a physical pass, door handle, or gate.

It’s about more than just safety

On top of making visitors feel safer in the waning days of the pandemic, this system has also elevated the user experience for guests and hosts alike throughout our client’s asset. For instance, when visitors arrive in the building and scan their barcode, a representative of their host company can receive a push notification that lets them know their guest is waiting.

That’s their cue to roll out the red carpet, heading down to the lobby to meet them or preparing their workspace or meeting room. When you’re trying to make a first impression, every moment counts. And the precious moments provided by our visitor notification function can be the difference between your visitor sitting in a waiting room or walking into a meeting room full of smiling faces, a presentation already cued up and ready to begin.

What they gained

You might think that improving the experience for guests and visitors is where the goal of a modern VMS ends. But you’d be wrong. A fully digitized Visitor Management System offers features and functions far beyond simply creating digital passes for the people who pass through a building’s lobby.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a modern VMS is a wealth of analyzable data. And it’s more than just knowing how many visitors access your building. It’s about knowing when they access your building, what times of the day, week, month, or year are high-traffic times for visitors. And which tenants are hosting the most guests on a regular basis.

The manner in which this can transform building strategy is wide and varied. For instance, if one tenant is regularly hosting visitors, you might want to consider offering monetized flex space options within the building where they can hold meetings, host contract workers, and more.

If you notice a peak in lobby traffic thanks to visitors in the mornings, you can consider opening alternate entries for visitors to provide a better experience and reduce lobby and elevator congestion.

And on top of all that, data around the way tenants are using their building can form an important indicator about the health of the tenancy itself. When tenants are actively using their buildings to host visitors, woo potential clients, and organise collaboration, they are more likely to view the building as an indispensable asset.

A good VMS not only makes it more feasible for tenants to achieve those goals, it also lets landlords understand in real time if their tenants are content and well-serviced by their building.

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