From user to landlord: What one data point means at every level

January 26, 2022

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Perhaps the most powerful aspect of Equiem for landlords and property managers is the ability to truly understand how users interact with your sites. Let's look at a single data point, and see what it means to every person in the chain.

We talk a lot about data and analytics. We tell you how focusing on data can boost user and tenant experience while increasing your understanding of your site. But when we talk about data, it's easy to get lost in the big picture. It's important to remember that each data point is an actual person. Let's take a look at a single person and one random data point  then see what it means to everyone in the process, from a retailer to the landlord.

One action, many reactions

Every time a user engages with your site via the Equiem tenant app, it creates a data point. That data point is like a single brush stroke of a larger painting, but every brush stroke is important. Ultimately, engagement is about appealing to the individual. So even though your focus might be catering to whole tenancies or even portfolios, those individuals should still be at the core of your mission.

So, let's take a look at one of these hypothetical individuals. Her name is Caitlin, and she's just noticed a fitness class on her Equiem tenant app.

The action: Caitlin RSVPs to a fitness class

When Caitlin RSVPs, she does more than she realises. Yes, she's registered her interest. She may even pay for the class through the platform's in-app payment option. But she also sets in motion a chain of data and analytics that will reach the very highest levels. And it could change the way an entire portfolio shapes its user strategies. 

Caitlin's single action has value for everyone from the fitness business to Caitlin's employer to the landlord and portfolio manager. Let's take a look at how that plays out.

Service provider: Planning and payment

The provider of the fitness class gets valuable information from this RSVP.

Data points like Caitlin's allow them to gauge interest level in the class, compile an attendance list, adjust budgets in real time, and ensure that the appropriate equipment is ready for the class. They can also use the amount of interest to plan future events and classes.

On top of all that, the expected attendance can help them ensure they have an appropriate space for the size of the class. In an age where COVID distancing is of vital importance, knowing the density of attendees can be essential. If the class maxes out, the provider can always offer an additional class or two to respond to demand. 

Tenant: What motivates workers?

At the moment, tenants want to know one thing more than any other... what motivates workers to spend time in the office?

By seeing how their employees engage with the events and offers available on their tenant app, they'll gain a detailed understanding of what those employees respond to.

In Caitlin's case, she's motivated by health and wellness. By analysing her engagement alongside Caitlin's fellow workers, an employer can quickly identify popular concerns and interests for their employees.

That can help them devise engagement events and communication strategies to help ensure their employees are excited about their workplace. If enough of Caitlin's coworkers are interested in the same class, launching a yoga workshop in the office once a week may entice workers to spend more time in the office.

Building manager: A granular approach

When users like Caitlin engage with a service partner on your platform, you get valuable information. Knowing what each user chooses to engage with will help you build every level of your content and eCommerce strategy, ensuring it appeals to the maximum number of users across the maximum number of tenancies.

Equiem's Analytics Dashboards allow you to segment your analytics by tenant, by level, by user attribute, and more. This granular view allows you to understand how each tenancy is interacting with your building as a whole.

Caitlin's action forms part of a broader picture. But people like Caitlin form the fabric of each tenancy. Ensuring that the individual users within every tenancy are engaged and excited about the site is key. Because it's this enthusiasm that can boost your chances of retaining those tenants in the long run. Especially in a time where individual users are making their own decisions about whether to work remotely or in-office.

Crafting content, events, and offers that bring users into the workplace is a must for success in today's Commercial Real Estate landscape. 

Portfolio manager: The whole picture

When you're viewing properties from a bird's eye view, these individual data points become a mosaic. Each data point comes together to provide a rich view of trends and interests across buildings, geographical areas, industries, and more.

Equiem's Leasing Dashboard is the end point of the journey for Caitlin's data point. That one user interaction comes together with every other to provide a complete understanding of how your users are interacting with events and activities across the entire portfolio. You could learn that users in city centers are more enthusiastic in financial literacy workshops than their counterparts in satellite offices.

Or you could learn that tenancies associated with creative industries are partial to pilates. Or pop-up virtual reality events. Or Korean BBQ.

The trends that emerge can be just that surprising. And that's the gift of being able to extrapolate every single data point into a comprehensive picture.

Unexpected trends can be noticed, leveraged, and scaled in the manner that will maximize their impact.

We've come a long way from Caitlin's RSVP, haven't we?

Data is the key to understanding your tenants and making a workplace that works for them. Book a free demo of Equiem and start tailoring your site now.

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