Top 6 ways to attract Life Science tenants to your asset

June 12, 2024

2 minute read

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Attracting top-tier tenants in the life sciences sector is crucial for the sustained success and growth of commercial real estate properties specializing in this field. Life sciences companies are looking for more than just space; they seek environments that support their intricate research needs and offer a thriving ecosystem. Here are strategic ways to make your property more appealing to leading life sciences tenants.

1. Tailor Facilities to Specific Needs

Life sciences tenants require specialized facilities that cater to strict regulatory and operational standards. Offering customizable lab spaces with advanced infrastructure, such as high-quality ventilation systems, reliable power supplies, and robust data connectivity, can make your property stand out.

2. Enhance Accessibility and Location

Location is paramount in the life sciences industry. Properties close to academic institutions, research hospitals, and business clusters tend to attract top-tier tenants. Ensure your property is accessible by public transport and offers ample parking. Proximity to amenities like cafes, gyms, and childcare facilities can also be a significant draw.

3. Build a Collaborative Environment

Fostering a community that promotes interaction and collaboration among tenants can be a major attraction. Design shared spaces such as conference rooms, breakout zones, and communal lounges that encourage networking and informal collaboration. Hosting regular networking events, seminars, and workshops through your TenX platofrm can also add value.

4. Implement State-of-the-Art Security Measures

Due to the sensitive nature of their work, life sciences companies require high-level security. Implementing comprehensive security measures, including controlled access, surveillance systems, and data security protocols, reassures potential tenants that their intellectual property and research are well-protected.

5. Promote Sustainability Practices

Many life sciences companies are committed to sustainability. Showcasing your property’s green credentials, such as LEED certification or energy-efficient systems, can make your property more attractive. Implementing sustainable practices shows a commitment to future-proofing and corporate social responsibility.

6. Leverage Advanced Technology Platforms

Using technology like Equiem's TenX platform can significantly enhance the tenant experience by simplifying facility management, resource booking, and community engagement. Demonstrating how your property uses technology to facilitate efficient operations can appeal to tech-savvy life sciences firms.



Attracting top life sciences tenants involves a combination of high-quality facilities, strategic location, community building, security, sustainability, and the effective use of technology. By focusing on these areas, your property can not only attract but also retain leading companies in the life sciences sector.

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