10 Things To Consider When Choosing a Tenant Platform

September 14, 2020

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Choosing a tenant engagement platform that caters to your building community can feel complicated, especially when there are so many unique providers in the market. Gabrielle McMillan, CEO of leading tenant experience provider, Equiem, has outlined the top 10 questions you should be asking your potential providers, as well as the answers you can expect from Equiem.


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Tenant Platform checklist

1. How many active users has their platform had in the last month, and what are their repeat user stats?

Equiem has competitive active users and higher repeat usage numbers, reflecting the immense amount of experience we have in this unique market. Our numbers reflect the security of our tech, our tenant engagement, experience with retailers, and the overall success of our engagement strategy.


2. What is the company's integration approach and how experienced is their tech team when it comes to integrating the platform into other systems?

Our tech is highly flexible, and the experienced team behind it has the ability to tailor it to your building's unique requirements. Each building and community is different and you need a platform that is easily customised, branded and adapted to your needs — without requiring any coding time. We can provide this.


3. Is the company compliant with privacy laws

Equiem is compliant with PCI DSS and GDPR privacy laws. We also have processes in place to monitor and maintain the reliability of our platform.


4. What kind of data will be collected and will you have ownership of it?

We use advanced metrics that are about more than just vanity — they're insightful and actionable so landlords can use them to help with their strategy to retain and attract tenants. You'll have access to comprehensive dashboards and reporting, and you'll own the data collected to help ease the transition to another provider should you ever decide to switch.


5. Is their platform set up to process payments?

Equiem's platform is able to take and process payments securely, allowing you to facilitate maximum convenience for your tenants and offer a full range of services.

6. Is the platform available in both a desktop and app version?

While most partners will be offering their tenant engagement platform through an app, there are benefits to having both app and desktop versions available. Equiem boasts both capabilities to help ensure more customers are reached throughout the day, no matter what kind of technology they prefer to engage with.


7. Do they have what you need in a feature set, and what features drive the most usage?

It's important to compare feature sets and work out exactly what you need. Fortunately, Equiem's feature stretches wide and deep, while our competitors often only go wide. Other tenant engagement platforms may tick boxes, but the actual features behind those boxes don't have any depth — they're too simplistic. An example of this is Equiem's CMS: it's incredibly advanced compared to the rest of the market with features like content segmentation, scheduling, comments, EDM editing tools, and more. Our features are designed to do more than manage content, they allow us to drive the most usage.


8. How is the overall user experience?

Ensure the platform interface is easy and intuitive to use. The best way to measure this is through those active user and repeat user stats we mentioned earlier — these stats are what help us continually polish our product.


9. What is the spend and size of their product team?

With the fast-paced evolution rate of technology, it's important to find a partner that is constantly evolving their tenant engagement platform to match it. Our product team is an ongoing investment.


10. What are the support services they'll provide to make this transition as efficient and successful as possible?

Tenant engagement can be hard and resource-intensive. Equiem provides client services, engagement strategies, and support that is critical in setting us apart. Our technology is only the start of what we do for our partners. From content templates and an exclusive partner network through to ongoing reports, analysis, and beyond — the toolkit that goes with the technology is as important as the technology itself.

To find out more about Equiem's services or to get started, head to getequiem.com.

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