Three Times Equiem's Tenant Experience App Engaged Users

March 23, 2022

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Equiem is a tenant experience platform that puts engagement front and centre. Let's talk about the ways we've helped clients in the real world.

We recently told you about some of the ways that the Equiem tenant experience app can help you engage your users. Now it's time to see how the app works in action. In this article, we'll take you through three real-world times that Equiem helped a client engage its users and tenants.

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Engage users with exciting activation campaigns

Digital and physical activation events

Covid has made engagement more complicated than ever before. Digital engagement is every bit as important as physical engagement. But as more and more people return to the office place in 2022, it's become increasingly clear that combining digital and physical engagement is a powerful strategy.

We put this into practice when one of our clients, a major global landlord, wanted to activate their newly refurbished lobby. We wanted to create a sense of excitement while also leveraging the client's digital portal to drive traffic to their onsite facilities. 

Our strategy: An eye-catching ceiling display festooned with balloons and tinsel. But there was more to his lobby display than it seemed at first glance. Hidden amongst the balloons, occupiers could find special items carefully concealed.

These items were part of a scavenger hunt we had launched on the building's portal. Users could check daily posts on the Equiem tenant experience app to find clues about the items they were looking for. Then, by physically going to the lobby, they could find the item and use the solution to enter an online prize draw.

The campaign increased both physical and digital engagement across the site. Monthly active users on the portal trended upwards and a steady stream of eagle-eyed occupiers showed up to the lobby to search for the hidden secrets.

Tenant wellness program

Another of our landlords  a large commercial landlord based in the UK  had recently completed two new buildings in Reading. They were working on achieving WELL accreditation, an international Green Building accreditation that demonstrates a site's commitment to environmental issues.

There was, however, a single sticking point. For a building to receive WELL accreditation, it needs to offer its users access to a health and wellness program. And most importantly, it needed to be a program designed specifically for users within the building up for accreditation.

Equiem's was uniquely suited to this job. We worked with building management from the two sites, crafting a health and wellness content campaign for their users. Then we used Equiem's segmentation functionality to deliver that content directly to the right users. 

Ultimately, the occupiers of the client's two buildings received a wealth of information to help support their health and wellness. And the buildings both received the WELL accreditation they richly deserved.

Support struggling retailers

The relationship between your office occupiers and retail tenants can form some of the most powerful engagement. Your users' daily interactions with food and retail options around your site help to meet their needs and boost their overall workplace satisfaction.

However, the pandemic has created a tougher-than-average environment for many onsite retailers. This was the situation one of our Australian clients found themselves in recently. An extended period of lower occupancy during the pandemic had created trouble for many onsite retailers across this client's portfolio. They sought Equiem's help to find a way we could help support those retailers and return them to their pre-pandemic strength.

To help drive business back to those onsite retailers, we launched a series of monthly newsletters across the client's portfolio, featuring their onsite retailers and promoting them with competitions, promotions, and prizes. The newsletters have prompted hundreds of click-throughs, stimulating the business of retailers' online stores. There have been more than 100 entries in featured contests. And, of course, the surge in interest has also helped to drive people back to the buildings, creating even more foot traffic for the businesses based within.

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