The secret to workers feeling comfortable at the office… is comfort

August 25, 2022

3 minute read

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One of the major reasons some workers prefer WFH is that they’re comfortable at home. So ensuring that workers feel comfortable in the office should be high on the priority list. Smart Building Technology can help to ensure that offices are perfectly tailored to the comfort of the people who work there.

The Comforts of Smart Building Technology

Smart building technology can deliver a workplace that feels as comfortable and natural as workers’ own homes. Here’s how.

We know the opportunity for collaboration provided by sharing a workspace can contribute significantly to productivity. But if you’re not careful, elements of the work environment can begin to have a negative effect as well. Crowded meeting rooms can make workers weary. Chilly offices can lead to lowered morale. And poor air quality and ventilation is more of a concern for workers than ever before.

Let’s look at a few of the ways Smart Building Tech can help level up your workplace – from climate control to space optimization.

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Air Quality is about more than just confidence

We’ve all heard a lot about the importance of ventilation in a post-COVID world. And it’s true that ventilation is important to keeping workplaces hygienic and safe. But air quality also has a direct impact on worker productivity.

When there’s too much CO2 in the air, the effect on work productivity is measurable. Some studies suggest that lower levels of CO2 can help people work up to 60% faster with a 12% increase in accuracy. That’s not negligible. It’s a very tangible increase in worker efficiency.

Be Empowered with Smart Building Technology

Smart Building Technology can empower you to monitor the air quality around your asset. Not only that, it can help you optimize one of the most important influences on air quality – office congestion.

Space Optimization

As we mentioned above, crowded workspaces can have a negative impact on both productivity and morale. Smart Building Technology can empower you with real-time traffic and occupancy data, giving you a full understanding of how users are utilizing different spaces around your building.

Not only does this allow you to create more efficient experiences in communal areas like the lobby, it also lets you identify regularly congested meeting rooms and work areas. With that knowledge in hand, space optimization is a far simpler task. The end result? A smoother experience for workers, better utilization of shared space and, yes, improved air quality. All of which will have an overall positive impact on both tenant experience and worker efficiency.

Temperature Control

Our Smart building platform lets you control your building heating and cooling to achieve the ideal working temperature. The Equiem Smart dashboard can even feature alerts that will trigger when office temperatures fall or spike beyond the thresholds you decide upon. This data can be made available to employees within their app, allowing them to make an educated choice about where they would like to work. By varying temperature throughout offices and the building, you can ensure that every worker’s individual needs are met.

It’s time to bring the comforts of home into the office. Book a demo today to find out how Equiem can help you integrate Smart Building Technology into our asset.