How our tenant experience platform supports landlord ESG initiatives

February 22, 2021

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The commercial real estate industry is well aware of the benefits of a comprehensive Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. But with the rapid advancement of tenant experience technology — and in the wake of COVID-19 — landlords can increase their efforts in sustainability and community-building.

Environment (or sustainability) has been front of mind for landlords and building owners for decades. Governance, too, is an inextricable part of the CRE corporate operations playbook. It is with the elusive S quotient, Social, that tenant experience technology can add new and clear value.

Proper investment in an end-to-end Social strategy produces long-standing benefits to capitalisation, brand equity, talent acquisition, and tenant retention. Tenants want their landlords to care about community, about social responsibility, and most importantly, they want to contribute themselves. They need only a communication platform to connect them with their building and its activities on a day-to-day basis.

Luckily, our tenant experience platform, in conjunction with other Equiem products, can help you build and execute a two-pronged Environmental and Social strategy.

Social | Web and Mobile Tenant Experience Apps

Our web and mobile tenant experience apps create an online community for tenants, fostering two-way communication and organic engagement

The platform is a communication tool and community space, enabling everyday interactions between you and your tenants. Tenants and customers, by engaging with news content, can even interact with one another.

But most importantly, you can use the platform to create and host events, online and offline, for your tenant community. Our Engagement product contains a schedule of seasonal activations and contests designed to make your building a vibrant place to work — but we give you the tools to run events and activations yourself, according to your own goals and tenant relationships. Host VIP functions, seminars, workshops, community drink events, seasonal pop-ups, and more — then promote your social calendar using the platform and its notification features. Once events and activations have been held, you can easily track interest and uptake in activations and events you run using our Analytics Dashboards. With real data behind you, you can identify the social activities which are best at fostering community and driving tenant engagement.

Ignite your tenant community with a thriving social calendar.

Feedback Polls

Our Polls feature enables you to ask for feedback, directly and non-invasively

Polls are an everyday function of the platform — ask your tenants any question you like, and record their responses in real time. Polls are an easy way to generate qualitative data and gauge tenant sentiment. For instance, you could ask:

  • How can we make your working life at your building more productive/enjoyable?
  • What services or amenities would you like to see at your building?
  • How are you feeling about working from the office/home?
  • What kinds of events or engagement activities would you like to see at your building?

With a direct channel to a greater proportion of your building population — 49%, on average — you will have an accurate picture of how your Social strategy is performing.

E-Commerce Platform

Our e-commerce platform empowers onsite small businesses and connects them to tenants

Our Marketplace platform allows tenants to purchase products and services directly from your onsite retailers, all within the Equiem app. Purchases are quick, secure, and touchless, and retailers are paid instantly.

Retailers of all kinds can sign up, for free, to sell their wares and promote their businesses: Breakfast, lunch, or coffee, dry cleaning, fitness class sessions, healthcare consultations, seminars and workshops, you name it. 

E-commerce on the Equiem app
Using the Equiem app, you can connect your retailers directly to your tenants.

Equiem Marketplace gives you a unique channel to advertise businesses who have made their own ESG pledges (for instance, cafes that use only locally-sourced ingredients). The Equiem app encourages tenants to shop within their community first, boosting daily interactions organically and supporting the long-term health of your retail precinct.

Marketplace also features a Deals function for non-transactional ventures. Charitable causes, for instance, can create their own Deals to promote donation and volunteering initiatives. The function supports affiliate linking and redemption tracking, too, giving your ESG partners flexibility to engage with tenants on and off the Equiem platform in the way that best suits them.

Environmental | Promote and Run Sustainability Projects

Our web and mobile tenant experience apps allow you to promote and run sustainability projects, like waste recycling

Our web and mobile apps are vital channels for communicating with tenants — meaning their eyes are tuned, every day, to the output of your Environmental projects.

  • Use Iris, our Content Management System, to craft weekly news updates on building sustainability initiatives and share them to your news feed — perhaps you could communicate helpful tips to tenants on how to reduce energy consumption, promote waste reduction and recycling programs, or highlight highly-collaborative tenants
  • Create an EDM newsletter specially for your popular sustainability projects and send it directly to your customers, boosting engagement
  • Set up a library of evergreen Building Information posts to promote and inform customers about how they can get involved over the longer term. Use this feature to showcase your green certifications (NABERS, for example), or perhaps to let tenants know about when, what, and how recycling works at your building.
The 'Building Information' tab of our platform is the perfect place to showcase your evergreen sustainability initiatives.

Using content in conjunction with your news and building information tabs, you can invite customer interaction and easily garner feedback.

Work Orders System

Our Work Orders system allows tenants to log hazards or unaddressed repairs

An office building is fitted out with an innumerable amount of operational systems: Lighting, HVAC hardware, plumbing, and so on. Managing replacements and repairs is an eternal task, but by simply providing a tool, process and resolution flow to your tenants, you can significantly reduce your waste and conserve resources.

Using our Work Orders system, tenants can open a work order ticket, write a description for the problem, take and attach an image of it, and send it directly to your building management team. From there, your team can allocate it to the person responsible for fixing it. This process takes just minutes, and each step of the process is documented and signposted on the Equiem app for the benefit of the user. Completed repairs, too, are logged within the system back-end for future reference and even refurbishment planning.

Don't forget: A leak of one drip per second adds up to over 3,000 gallons a year.

SMART Building Technology Platform

Our SMART building technology platform measures building occupancy, air quality, and more

SMART is our standalone platform for the tracking of building occupancy, air quality, and foot traffic. Using small, non-invasive bluetooth sensors, you can capture crucial data about virtually every inch of your building in real-time: tenancies, common areas, elevators, buildings, and even your own portfolio. If air quality goes below set thresholds in any area, you can instantly react. If foot traffic through a certain entrance breaches COVID-safe regulations, you can dispatch staff to help guide tenants through new routes.

All of the data SMART captures is instantly filtered through to dashboards and configurable visualizations. That means you can use the data to go beyond reactive fixes and make long-term improvements. For instance, you could introduce staggered building entry to combat high-traffic periods or entrances; you could better manage cleaning and security teams; or you could even formulate business cases for capital improvements based on popular or underutilized areas of your building and precinct.

We'd love to work with you to see how Equiem can support your specific ESG goals. Book a demo today.


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