Experience Experts: Nadia Fielder, Receptionist at Perception

February 23, 2021

3 minute read

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With customer experience at the core of what we do at Equiem, we believe it is crucial to highlight the experience experts from our client partnerships, who are out in the field delivering excellent customer experiences during COVID-19 and beyond.

Meet Nadia Fielder

To continue this series, we'd like to shine a light on Nadia Fielder. Nadia is a Receptionist at Perception in London, UK. Our Head of Product Marketing, Sarah Hudson, chatted with her about the importance of creating experience and nurturing a tenant community, and where Equiem comes into the mix.


SH (Sarah Hudson): Tell us a little bit about your professional journey, from where you started in your career to where you are today.

NF (Nadia Fielder): I have always worked in customer service roles, and really enjoy meeting many different people every day from different walks of life, and with different needs. I thought this job would be perfect for me due to its nature: Every day is different, and I can make positive contributions within the company.

SH: What was your greatest challenge during the pandemic?

NF: Being on site, alone, for quite a long time. I missed the everyday hustle and bustle of the building. The Equiem portal is so important at this time, as it gives everyone working from home a way to connect with their building community.  

SH: Why is tenant engagement important?

NF: It creates a community spirit within the building, and connects home workers to their workplace. It's a great way to pass on information about the building — whether we're welcoming new tenants or promoting a new event. I feel it makes us as a reception team more approachable, because it affords us fun ways to connect to our tenants within a professional environment. Most of all, I feel our weekly newsletters are a welcome accent to everyday working life for tenants. There is always something informative and fun to read, and they love joining weekly competitions to win amazing prizes.

Equiem gave us an ideal platform to create virtual events, games and competitions — everyone could get involved from the safety of their own home... we received feedback from tenants, missing the office, that our newsletters and competitions were the highlight of their working week.

SH: How do you think tenant engagement shapes your building?

NF: We are a multi-tenanted building, and the community portal is so helpful in allowing the different companies to mingle where they otherwise wouldn't. They can communicate with each other, share information, promote themselves, whatever they like.

SH: During the pandemic, in particular, how has our tenant experience platform been of use to you?

NF: It allowed me to keep in touch with all tenants working from home, and continue to foster community spirit with weekly competitions and entertaining posts. We received feedback from tenants, missing the office, that our newsletters and competitions were the highlight of their working week. Among other benefits, it gave people a few minutes of welcomed distraction at a difficult time.

SH: How does the platform support you and your work?

NF: It's about more engaging customer service: For instance, the platform helps us to communicate with our tenants in a more exciting way than just sending out an email. Our weekly newsletters contain events happening around the park or within the building itself. It keeps everyone involved and up to date as efficiently as possible.


Written by Sarah Hudson and Nadia Fielder.

Special thanks to Nadia for your contribution to our Experience Experts blog series. If you are interested in featuring in our series, please contact sarah.hudson@getequiem.com.

Nadia is among many Experience Experts delivering superior tenant engagement with the Equiem platform. To find out more, download our 2020 Annual Report here.