New hurdles, growth & a Smart future: Get Equiem's 2020 Annual Report

February 10, 2021

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Despite the trials of the global pandemic, 2020 was the year in which Equiem made lemonade. Our 2020 Annual Report examines the lemons: the trials and challenges that will create new opportunities and innovations for our tenant experience platform in 2021.

We first launched Remote in March, a collection of virtual amenities and services for newly locked down workers. Then came Return in May, allowing landlords to check-in and track tenants, as well as supplying information to bring them back safely. Then Retain in October, led by a new series of leasing dashboards to help landlords start collecting data to inform retention strategies.

We also completed integral access control and visitor management integrations with global partners (HID, Sine, Vicinitee) along with a new smart building offering in partnership with Metrikus — allowing landlords to better manage air quality, building density, and track population. In 2021, we will further expand on our growing list of integrations and partnerships.

2021 presents a clear opportunity

We need to help our clients meet the evolving demands of the tenant and the employee. 

The workplace is moving from an "obligation" to a "destination". As such, landlords are being forced to consider how to better incorporate flexible space options, amenities, and technologies across their assets and portfolios to meet these new tenant demands. 

With 53% of real estate companies stating they will be ramping up their digital strategies in 2021, these changing conditions have created, and will continue to create, opportunities for Equiem to innovate, lead, and be a trusted technology partner to our clients.

So, we are preparing to meet the demands of the post-COVID world

We are investing in expanding our flexible space management capabilities, helping both landlords and tenants to more easily manage desk bookings, amenities, and in-office services. 

We are also expanding our operations capabilities, allowing building managers to manage both their people and the building with one platform. And we're committing significant resources to data analytics, helping asset manager and leasing teams better predict tenant renewal likelihood, assess capital improvement strategies, and benchmark their tenant satisfaction against their competitive set. 

CEO Gab McMillan says the company is indebted to its team, as well as clients, customers and partners.

"Our customers" willingness to work alongside us has driven this rapid innovation, and our partners' ability to work hard and think creatively, is what has allowed us to deliver," she said. "We consider ourselves very fortunate, and we look forward to a transformative 2021, together.

"While many aspects of the future of both the world and industry remain uncertain, we look ahead with optimism and motivation. Our ten years of experience, product development and team-building have uniquely prepared us to deliver solutions that meet new market demands."

Download our 2020 Annual Report here.