Telling your building's story on your tenant portal

February 21, 2022

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For workers to love their building, they first need to know about everything it has to offer. The Building Information pages on your Equiem tenant portal put all that information into one central place.

Building information can sometimes be treated as an afterthought. Maybe you tell some key tenant contacts about your building  or even send some detailed information. But that's often where it ends.

And relying on tenant contacts to pass building information on to your users is asking for trouble. You'll end up with unused common areas, panicked emergency drills, and unengaged workers. All of which serves to drive down the ROI of the amenities and features of your building. 

In order to maximise the impact of your building's features, you need to think of the building as a story you tell to your users. A story about how workspaces can improve the workplace experience for everyone within them. 

And like any story, you need the tools to tell it properly.

Your tenant portal is a home for your brand

In commercial real estate, your building is the physical manifestation of your brand  your values and identity writ in steel and concrete. Your goal should be to convey that sense of identity whenever someone sets foot in your building. But it doesn't end there.

Your building's brand also has a digital home in Equiem's Building Information pages. It is here that you can tell the story of your building's physical space to the users who come to your building every day.

The tools to tell your story 

Equiem's deep and customisable tenant portal allows you to showcase all that your building has to offer. Your "Building Information" pages allow your users to see all your amenities, facilities, and services in a single, easily browsable location.


Tenant portal displaying services and amenities | Equiem tenant app
Showcase your building facilities and amenities in your tenant portal


Having a central source of information about your building is a powerful thing. Rather than relying on individual tenants to convey information to their employees or disseminating information in email campaigns, you can provide users with what amounts to an interactive encyclopedia of everything that makes your building special.

The applications of your Building Information pages are nearly limitless. Here are just a few examples of information that could live on your Building Info tab:

  • Booking common areas or flex space  including payment if necessary
  • A virtual onboarding handbook, accessible indefinitely to every user in the building
  •  Important information about emergency procedures
  • Showcase food and beverage options available within the building  users could even make reservation's or order online thanks to Equiem's eCommerce capabilities

The most important thing to remember is this: your Building Information tab is truly yours. It's a place to share your vision, and everything that excites you about your building. That's why you can customise it to highlight anything informational about your site. Treat it as a place to share your excitement and enthusiasm with your users. Because if you're passionate, they will be too.

Information pages that understand your users

Far from a static repository of information, your Building Info pages can be shaped by detailed analytics to perfectly cater to the users in your building. After all, the story your building is trying to tell is also the story of the people who work within. It should resonate deeply with them. 

Data is the way to achieve that goal.

Like all the content on your tenant portal, your Building Information pages are can be monitored in your Analytics Dashboards


User analytics dashboard | Equiem tenant app
Understand how users relate to your building with detailed analytics


In these easy-to-read dashboards, you'll be able to see how your users interact with your Building Information pages. Which posts are the most popular? Which ones gather dust? Which ones have seasonal relevance? The information you can gain from the way your users engage with these posts can tell you a lot about your building and its relationship to the people who work there.

This data has ramifications that reach far beyond the Building Information tab. Yes, the data can help you prioritise what information to include in the tab. But it also lets you know what your tenants value in the building. And that can help you build out everything from your content and newsletter strategy to the brick-and-mortar retailers you choose to partner with in your building.

It's best to think about analytics as a form of collaboration. You talk to your users through content like your Building Information pages. The way your users engage with those pages tells you what they care about, and what to prioritise in the longterm to boost satisfaction, engagement, and  ultimately  tenant retention.

Your building has a story to tell. Your users want to hear it. Make sure you have the right tools for the job.

It's time to tell your building's story. Book a free demo of Equiem to tell that story in a way that will truly resonate.

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