Taking community engagement to virtual heights

July 13, 2020

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The biggest challenge the Equiem Engagement Team has faced over the past few months has, without a doubt, been finding new ways to keep tenants engaged within a virtual space.

It was no easy feat, but our creative team delivered.

Our Platform was transformed into a virtual smorgasbord of competitions and activations to keep the community active and connected to each other despite the physical distance. Our events pages became a treasure trove of live-streamed events courtesy of local museums, galleries, orchestras, and beyond. And we organised our own virtual events to add to the mix: Live-streamed fitness classes, workshops, game nights, webinars — whatever we could think of to boost our tenants' health and happiness. 

There's been a lot going on but we selected some of our favourites so far.


Beauty workshops

Communities were invited to join in on a series of beauty masterclasses, courtesy of our partnership with Purely Polished. Our users excitedly jumped onto these virtual Zoom-based sessions to learn about skincare, makeup bag organisation, and natural makeup looks to help boost confidence and look better than ever on their next video call.


Live-streamed cocktail classes and virtual wine tastings

We worked with Archie Rose and Community Wines to create tailored cocktail and wine tasting packs and develop fascinating workshops for our users to learn more about their favourite tipple. To participate, tenants could purchase (or win, in some cases) a cocktail or wine-tasting kit that was delivered to their home in time for the scheduled masterclass where they sipped, stirred, and learned how to be better bartenders or wine connoisseurs.


Virtual trivia nights

This new adventure into online get-togethers led us down the road of virtual pub-style trivia competitions. We encouraged our communities to get involved with these Zoom-based events and thanks to the help of a few cheeky bevvies, a lot of laughs, and a lively trivia host, these nights were a hit. The housemates and family of our tenants got involved, and the whole ordeal looked like so much fun that our Equiem team even hosted a night of our own!

We can't wait to create, test, and run more engaging virtual events for our communities to enjoy. There have been whispers of a Lip Sync Battle making its way around the Equiem chat rooms, so watch this space — you never know what exclusive partnerships or events are coming next.

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