Spotlight on tech: Why is Equiem's tenant experience tech special?

December 6, 2021

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Why is the Equiem tenant experience so intuitive? Well, it's not as easy as it looks. A truly seamless tenant experience requires a perfect harmony of the physical, the cultural, and the technological. Let's take a look under the hood and see the tech that makes us tick!

When users engage with your tenant app, you want it to feel as effortless as breathing. They should use all your functions by instinct, powered only by desire and muscle memory. To achieve this level of excellence, your tenant experience technology must be custom-fit to the needs of your user.

Equiem's suite of cutting-edge technology is designed around your users. In the hands of your occupiers, it becomes the primary way for them to interact with your building and all its facilities. And of course, with that level of engagement comes unparalleled data for you to harness in your building and asset management strategies.  

A tech-forward tenant app

Equiem boasts a huge range of tech-enabled enhancements designed to make the tenant experience intuitive and satisfying. From a full suite of eCommerce tools to visitor management and flex space booking — Equiem has a tech solution for every part of the tenant experience. Let's break down all the ways your users can interact with your building from their mobile or desktop app. 

Shop from your desk

We now know that workers are eager to return to the office. But not just any office. They want a workplace that understands them and can cater to their needs and desires. Equiem's eCommerce tech can help workplaces achieve that elusive aim.

Many landlords have already accepted the lure of onsite retail and services. The right restaurants and shops can vastly improve the attractiveness of your site. But landlords and commercial tenants also know that it can be hard to drive business. And communicating what's on offer to all your occupiers can be challenging.

Equiem's eCommerce platform gives you a full raft of tools to improve tenant experience while boosting the business of your shops and restaurants. Occupiers can engage with services and retail options directly through the app. And thanks to our varied delivery options, they can even order goods and services direct to their desk. Worried that not all your users are aware of the great options available? Simply send out a push notification to everyone in the building.

You can even send out segmented push notifications to promote offers and specials to users most likely to want them. And, of course, analysing the way your users engage will help you to craft a longterm eCommerce strategy that's destined for success.

Vicinitee — The tech of space

The way we relate to the spaces where we work has changed in the last couple of years. With complex sign-in processes and safety concerns, we've all spent countless minutes checking in and filling out timesheets. But with Equiem's Vicinitee, there's now an easier way!

Vicinitee is a tech ecosystem for property managers, tenants, and occupiers. It's designed to make visitor management simple — a must in our new COVID-conscious world. Vicinitee allows you to implement a huge range of space-based technologies to modernise your property. It's the easiest way to deploy visitor management, flex space, permit management, COVID tracking, and more.

Visitor management is just one part of the Equiem tenant experience
Manage visitors, flex space, and bookable services

All of these functions can be managed within the app, tracked, and used for analysis to understand exactly how and when your users interact with the spaces on your site.

Communicate at the touch of a button

Equiem makes it easy to start a conversation with your occupiers. Engaging users in a two-way conversation is pivotal for creating a sense of community in your building. Active communication is the truest form of engagement.

Equiem's tenant experience technology offers a full suite of communications tech to make that goal a reality. Wondering what your occupiers think is missing from their building? Just ask them! It's easy with Equiem's custom polling and survey tools.

Equiem's push notification function is another great way to engage directly with your users. At the press of a button, you can send a powerful message to every occupier of your building. Of course, you can also segment your users to make sure that your notifications have the maximum possible impact. An offer or invitation carries more weight when it's sent only to the people who you know would be interested.


Of course, every one of these functions can be leveraged by property and asset managers in the form of detailed data.

Monitor the way your users engage with onsite vendors to find out what they value about their precinct. Your eCommerce strategy can be one of the most powerful tools for incentivising workers to spend time at the office. Equiem's visitor management tools let you understand how people are using your building. And they make compliance with COVID-safe plans easier than ever. And our suite of communication tools allows you to speak directly to your users, encouraging them to take advantage of the many great facilities and offers available.

And of course, you can leverage all of this data to help incentivise your workers to spend more time in your building. As companies around the world transition from a remote-first work environment back to the office, this is a golden opportunity. Make sure to check out our Ultimate Welcome Back Playbook. It's full of engagement campaigns and ideas for return-to-work events. And best of all, it's completely free!

It's time to take your building into the 21st century. Book a free demo with us today and set up a responsive tech platform in a matter of weeks.

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