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January 26, 2022

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The best offices don't exist alone in a vacuum. Instead, they form part of a thriving precinct that includes business, retail, restaurants, and services. And when all those components come together, it creates a better experience for everyone. Learn how Equiem's eCommerce marketplace creates an integrated ecosystem that will satisfy your tenants and boost revenue.

The office is going through an unprecedented transformation. And part of that transformation is the empowerment of the individual user as one of the primary decision makers. As we've seen in our Global Office Tenant Report, workers are eager to come back to their buildings. But they also want more from their buildings when they return.

One of the most powerful ways to give users more is by addressing their needs-based concerns. And the best way to do that is by offering a tailored, responsive eCommerce strategy grounded in user data. 

Creating a thriving marketplace with the Equiem tenant experience app

Equiem gives you the ability to construct a booming eCommerce marketplace in one fell swoop. Think of Equiem's marketplace as a full toolset, designed to serve vendors, retailers, building managers, and customers across the entire journey.

Implementing this eCommerce platform in your site will strengthen the relationship your users have with your site. They'll be able to browse a single, online store replete with everything on offer in and around your building. And that makes them more likely to take advantage of the available goods and services.

Imagine a world where your users can have their morning coffee ready for them when they check into a building. Or arrange their dry cleaning to be picked up from their desk and dropped back the very next day. Offering needs-based services in an easily accessible way can transform an office building from a place of work, to a truly integral part of a user's lifestyle.

And that kind of relationship is invaluable.

Build the store your tenants want and need

By onboarding retailers and vendors from your building and precinct, you give your users unprecedented access to choices. Then, the Equiem tenant experience app puts those choices at the tips of their fingers.

Offer users a tailor-made store on the Equiem tenant experience appOffer users a tailor-made store on the Equiem tenant experience app

Equiem's eCommerce marketplace is designed to make the buyer's journey completely frictionless at every step. Users can browse their favourite retailers, services, and restaurants, then order what they want. A variety of delivery options are available, from pick-up to direct-to-desk delivery.

On top of that, users can track their orders, see what stores are trending in their building, and pay for everything directly in the app. State-of-the-art security measures ensure that every payment is safe.

Of course, the platform is only one piece of the puzzle. It's also important to have an effective eCommerce strategy, to ensure that your users actually engage with your offerings. 

And it just so happens that Equiem's eCommerce marketplace can help with that too. 

Data-driven strategies for success

One of the hardest aspects of building a thriving marketplace in your properties is knowing what your users want and how they'll engage with the offerings available. The Equiem tenant experience app takes the guesswork out of your eCommerce strategy.

Built-in analytics allow vendors and building managers to see how customers are interacting with their offerings on a real-time basis. Equiem's Tenant Analytics Dashboard lets you see what customers are responding to. This allows you to build an eCommerce strategy that can strengthen the relationship between your users and their building. And when users have a positive relationship with their building, tenant retention becomes easier.

The dashboard offers a simple-to-understand visual representation of the most important user data. Best of all, access to these dashboards is available for building managers and retailers alike. That means that your eCommerce strategy can be crafted around user data at every level  from daily specials of your retailers to the long-term strategy of your building.

Easy for vendors and retailers

Access to detailed analytics is only one of the things that makes Equiem's eCommerce platform a perfect fit for retailers.

Equiem's eCommerce marketplace boasts a range of management tools to ensure the process is easy and responsive for property managers, vendors, and retailers. Our Retail Manager gives retailers everything they need to streamline their offerings. From a seamless payment system to order notifications and inventory management, this simple tool instantly takes brick-and-mortar retailers online.

Retailers have access to a huge range of features to streamline their operation

Your retailers will also have access to technical support from Equiem. With Equiem on their side, your retailers can deal with issues that arise day-to-day without the need for building management to intervene. And with retailers managing their own stores on the platform, building managers will be freed up to focus on the broader strategy. 

Boost your eCommerce offering with the Equiem tenant experience

At Equiem, we believe that a building is an ecosystem, each person contributing to its overall health and happiness. That's why we've designed our eCommerece marketplace to benefit everyone in that ecosystem.

Customers get a streamlined store designed around their wants and needs. Retailers get instant access to a robust eCommerce store including detailed analytics, payment systems, and technical support. And building managers get access to site and portfolio-wide analytics to help them craft a successful longterm plan that will boost both revenue and retention.

In short: Equiem's eCommerce marketplace makes things easier for everyone.

Ready to supercharge your eCommerce marketplace! Book a free demo now and find out how you can benefit from the Equiem tenant experience app.

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