Spotlight on the Equiem Product Team: Andrew Gibson

March 22, 2022

2 minute read

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We've been highlighting Equiem's Product Team and the great work they do to ensure that our products are tailored to our clients’ problems. This week, we meet Product Owner Andrew Gibson.

If you've been following along, you've already met Helene and Chet, two of our crack Product Managers. This week, we want to introduce you to Andrew Gibson, one of our Product Owners. Let's learn a little about Andrew and what he does here at Equiem.

How's it going, Andrew? Tell us about what you were doing before you came to Equiem!

"I lived in the UK for most of my life and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I started my own electrical business shortly after uni, them  moved to Australia in 2013. Since then, I've worked in multiple positions within Equiem. For the past four years or so, I've been working specifically within Product."

So, what does your job at Equiem entail?

"Until recently, we were a small team in terms of Product Management and Ownership, with just myself as a Product Owner and one other Business Analyst, so you had to wear a lot of hats. In the last six months, we've increased the number of people in the team. The day-to-day activities are largely the same, but the team is now much larger and more agile.

"A lot of the day is spent with our engineering team, either working on new features/projects or resolving issues that internal and external stakeholders may be facing across one of our applications.

"Outside of that, I help other teams out where required, work continuously on development of our applications and internal processes. And all of the other things that ensure we work as efficiently as possible."

What is your guiding goal at Equiem?

"If it ain't broke don't fix it!

"In all seriousness, continuous improvement is probably the one key thing. It applies to everything from personal development to developing features or products."

What's your favourite thing about your job?

"Coming up with solutions to problems and making features that users enjoy! And, most importantly, ensuring those features are beneficial for clients and their users."

Tell us something fun about you!

"My 'free time' is pretty limited now with two young children a son of four and daughter of two. But when I do get free time (outside of playing with my kids which I enjoy), I generally keep myself busy. 

"At the moment, that means renovating our house, playing football (or soccer...), going to the gym, and spending time learning new skills on the side!"

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