Spotlight on tech: Vicinitee Property Management Software by Equiem

January 12, 2022

4 minute read

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Office buildings are complicated spaces. And managing those spaces can result in a web of complicated software and human responsibility. Throw COVID into the mix, and things get even harder. Vicinitee by Equiem brings all those processes into one simple place.

If you've ever managed an office, you know they can be a real jungle. Unregistered visitors dropping in, workers forgetting their building passes, meeting room conflicts, and more. But just like a jungle, an office building is an ecosystem. And all it needs is a helping hand to start running in a state of healthy symbiosis.

Vicinitee by Equiem is that helping hand.

What is Vicinitee Property Management Software by Equiem?

Bringing together permit and visitor management, coworking and flex space booking, employee management, and more, Vicintee makes it easier than ever to manage the complicated demands of your workplace.

A tech ecosystem designed around your space

Every building is different. And different buildings have different needs. So in order for Vicinitee to be a perfect fit, it needs to be built around the specific process requirements of your building.

That's why Vicinitee is a modular solution. You can choose which modules you want based on the needs of your site, avoiding the bloat and confusion that can arise from a poorly fitted solution. 

What can Vicinitee do?

In short, Vicinitee is a next-generation property management software. Its modular approach to property management functions means you can build a property management suite that fits your site like a glove. Let's take a quick look at some of those modules and see the potential of Vicinitee.

Visitor management

Visitors to your site can throw an unexpected element into a finely honed machine. And thanks to COVID, keeping track of visitors is even more complicated than ever. Vicinitee streamlines the visitor process from start to finish.

Buildings all over the world are reaping the benefits of this cutting-edge property management software


The mobile-friendly visitor functionality allows you to issue digital passes to approved visitors, making it easy for them to gain access to the building. Push notifications can be sent to visitors and hosts, helping them understand the process, and ensuring everyone knows what to do and where to go. On top of all that, our analytics makes it simple to monitor peak times, knowing when the greatest burden is placed on your lobby and concierge.

Coworking and flex space management

As the role of the office has shifted, new forms of workplaces have come to the fore. Coworking spaces and flex spaces have taken off in ways we couldn't have predicted. The flexibility afforded by these options is a huge positive for tenants and landlords alike.

Vicinitee offers an out-of-the-box solution that will let you create flexible space listings; manage bookings and payments; and keep track of any visitors that make use of those facilities. In an age of hybrid work arrangements and contact tracing, Vicinitee makes a complicated feature as simple as it can possibly be.

Employee management

Vicinitee doesn't just make access easier for visitors  it will make the day-to-day of your tenant's employees simpler as well. Touchless access via a digital pass on users' smartphones means they'll never forget their passes. And the ability to keep a real-time list of secure employees ensures that sensitive areas and information can only ever be accessed by the right people.

Of course, these modules are only the beginning. If you want to see all the modules and functionalities available, make sure to check out our Vicinitee page.

Property management software for landlords and tenants

Vicinitee is an important part of Equiem's workplace experience platform. And it really shines when you consider how it can work with the rest of your tenant experience platform.

By pairing property management modules like visitor management and co-working spaces with an easy-to-navigate tenant experience, you'll get all the benefits of an end-to-end workplace platform. It's easier for you, easier for your users, and offers a holistic view of your property from an analytics perspective.

What you're left with is a property that is seamless for building managers and simple for occupiers and guests alike.

Tired of juggling permits, passes, and COVID-safe tracking? Do yourself a favor and book a free demo of Equiem today to learn how Vicinitee can help you.