Spotlight on tech: Touchless access through your tenant app

January 26, 2022

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COVID-19 has changed the way we think about building access. But it's always been a tough process to manage. Learn how your Equiem tenant app can create a truly touchless workplace.

Even before the pandemic changed everything about work, building access was one of the most complicated parts of building management. Making passes and distributing them to users across multiple tenants can easily chew through a lot of valuable time for your concierge or building manager.

The importance of contact tracing adds a whole new layer of complexity. A laissez-faire attitude to access and issues like tailgating can cause huge health and safety concerns in the current age.

Fortunately, Equiem's tenant app offers robust touchless access support to help you streamline this aspect of your building's operations.

A tenant app that doubles as a digital access card

In the name of security, building access processes often make life difficult for users and building admin alike. How many times have you found yourself in the lobby of your building only to realise you left your access card in your other bag? Then you have to look around for a friendly face, and make some awkward small talk before revealing your embarrassing ulterior motive:

In a hushed voice, you whisper, "Can you buzz me through the door behind you?"

And as bad as that is, it's nothing compared to the experience of the concierge, who has to create new passes for every newstarter, keep a record of lost passes, and waste time with all sorts of other menial tasks.

That's why Equiem has decided to build touchless access right into the tenant app. Instead of printing a hard pass, users will now have access to a digital pass easily located in a dedicated tab of their tenant app.

A touchless workplace that works for users

Equiem's vision of access isn't just touchless  it's totally frictionless. We believe that getting into your workplace should be something you do without thinking. And we've created a system that will let you do exactly that, while also making it easier to capture important information and user data.

Digital passes in your tenant app make your touchless workplace a reality
Digital passes in your tenant app make your touchless workplace a reality


Site administrators can assign digital passes to their users, who will then see the pass in their tenant app. Users can tap their phone to gain access to the building... they don't even need to open the app. 

And your building manager no longer has to worry about keeping track of physical passes. The days of passes going missing or falling into the wrong hands are over. With each digital pass attached to an individual user, there won't be any issue ensuring the right people have the access they're supposed to.

Integrations make touchless access easy

Implementing a new access system will only make things easier if the new system acts as an upgrade of your existing system. Requiring additional steps or new infrastructure would only complicate an already complicated system.

That's why Equiem has ensured that our touchless access application is already integrated with the most widely used access providers. Whether your building uses HID, Doordeck, Proxy, Openpath, or one of the many other access providers, Equiem's digital passes can be easily incorporated.

And in the unlikely eventuality that you're using an access system not represented on our integrations list, custom integrations can be created. With Equiem, you can implement touchless access without skipping a beat.

We're here to help

If you decide you want to roll out our touchless access feature, don't think you'll be left to do all the heavy lifting. You'll have access to Equiem's industry-leading support team. They'll help you audit your site, plan the implementation, and even test your system once it's up and running.

Equiem is about making life easier for you and your tenants. When you choose to partner with us, it's a true partnership. And we'll be with you every step of the way.

Make life easier for users, tenants, and building managers alike. Book a free demo and discover how simple it is to implement our touchless passes.

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