Spotlight on the Equiem Product Team: Chayse Goda

April 26, 2022

2 minute read

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Workplaces are complicated. And crafting a Workplace Experience Platform that feels custom-fit to every workplace is a complicated task. That's why Equiem has assembled an industry-leading Product Team to ensure that all clients' needs are catered to.

If you've been paying attention here on our blog or over on LinkedIn, you'll know that we've been running profiles of our product team over the last few weeks. We've chatted with Helene, Chet, Andrew, Ray, and Chief Product Officer David. This week, we're spending some time with Solutions Manager Chayse Goda.

Chayse is one of our gurus of integrations, helping to ensure that Equiem works well with any number of third-party applications and hardware. If you're trying to upgrade your building to digital passes that will work with your existing access gates, Chayse has it under control.

Chayse's background

Chayse joined Equiem in 2021. Equiem is the latest chapter in an already storied career in the trenches of CRE Tech. Chayse comes to us from a four-year stint at industry mainstay Lincoln Property Company, where he worked as a Property Administrator.

This role gave him the chance to liaise with tenants and tech partners, helping to manage the often complex partnerships at play. That experience has formed a firm foundation for the mission he now undertakes at Equiem.

What does a Solutions Manager do?

Chayse helps to ensure that the solutions we craft for our clients are able to meet the clients' goals and objectives. He is particularly focused on the integrations component of our solutions. The ultimate goal is for Equiem's Workplace Experience platform to fit seamlessly into your workplace  but when something feels seamless to the user, that means lots of work has gone on behind the scenes.

Chayse makes sure that Equiem's platform works properly with third-party systems. Some of Equiem's most powerful capabilities are the result of these integrations, including our sophisticated SMART building environmental monitoring and touchless access control.

What Chayse loves about Equiem

There are two things that shine about the Equiem for Chayse  the work and the people.

In terms of the work, Chayse thrives when faced with complex problems that require careful, intricate solutions. Working with the stars on our product team only makes it that much more satisfying.

Let's end with something fun!

We wanted to know what Chayse loves doing when he's not on the clock  so we asked him!

"Music is my passion," Chayse tells us. "I've been drumming for 15 years."

Maybe it shouldn't surprise us that Chayse loves to keep a beat in his free time... he always does a great job of setting the pace and rhythm at Equiem.   

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