Reconnecting in a Hybrid World: How Your Tenant Experience App Can Bridge the Gap

April 24, 2024

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The landscape of office work has undergone a profound transformation.

While many have returned to physical office spaces, the hybrid model prevails. Some employees continue to work in-office full time, while most split their time between home and office. This dynamic presents a challenge: how to foster unity and collaboration, and meet the needs of tenants, when physical distance separates team members?

The answer lies in your existing technology – your tenant experience app.

The Power of Your Tenant Experience App:

Your tenant experience app continues to be the glue that binds your workforce. It allows:

  • Remote workers to stay connected: They can access building information, events, and updates, feeling involved despite physical distance.
  • Hybrid workers to optimize their experience: Find out when their presence is most valuable, plan around important events, and access resources seamlessly.
  • In-office workers to access services and amenities: They can connect with local retailers, utilize onsite amenities and access everything they need while working from the office.
  • Engagement for all: Gather feedback from hybrid workers to understand what motivates them to come to the office more often.
  • A unified space: Keep a fragmented workforce feeling like a whole team, regardless of location.
  • Landlords to diversify their offering: Empower companies to manage their workforce with hybrid tools, meeting their needs and creating stickier tenants.

Tenancy Tools: The Hybrid Work Revolution

Tenancy tools empower a hybrid workforce. Through your tenant experience app, enable employees to manage their workspace, book visitors and guests, as well as reserve flexible space on-demand, fostering collaboration and productivity whether working solo, brainstorming, or joining virtual meetings.

Offering tenant tools enables companies to feel empowered and in-control of their domain, as well as optimizes resource utilization, maximizing occupancy and revenue for both tenants and landlords.

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Hybrid Doesn't Mean Neglecting Remote Workers

Actively gathering feedback from those not working full time in-office, is not just beneficial; it's essential for cultivating sticky relationships. By utilizing CMS tools within your tenant experience app, such as polls, surveys, and NPS tools, you can keep the feedback loop open and active.

This proactive approach empowers you to adapt swiftly, addressing concerns and optimizing processes to meet the unique requirements of your distributed workforce. Embracing feedback not only demonstrates a commitment to tenant wellbeing but also cultivates a culture of responsiveness and inclusivity, ultimately driving stronger tenant engagement and retention.

Maintain a Thriving Online Social Sphere

As full-time office working remains a priority, resist the urge to prioritize solely onsite activities. Neglecting virtual engagement risks alienating hybrid employees. Utilize your CMS to host virtual events and manage attendance, and benefit from content segmentation to create targeted communications for attendees.

Think of your online activities as a "bridge back to work." Consider virtual webinars, for example. Hosting these allows workers to stay connected regardless of their working location, creating an opportunity to demonstrate the value of their tenant experience app and workplace, and entice them back to the office more often.

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The Key Takeaway: Embrace Hybrid Connectivity

In a hybrid world, a portion of your workforce will always be online. Maintaining an online presence is crucial to fostering a unified identity and a thriving work environment, but ensuring they’ve got everything they need on the days that they do attend the office, is what differentiates you from your competitors. Equiem provides the tools to keep your hybrid workforce satisfied.

Let's bridge the gap and create a successful hybrid model together. Book a free demo and see how powerful your tenant experience app can be!

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