Equiem’s partnership with Investa will enhance tenant experience

January 19, 2022

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Investa Office Management (‘Investa’) has partnered with Proptech specialist Equiem to deliver a tenant engagement program nationally, expanding its role as an office manager and paving the way for a more connected and convenient workplace for the thousands who work in Investa buildings.

The move involves the use of Equiem’s technology platform and staffing solutions with Investa’s existing tenant engagement capabilities. Equiem believes partnering with Investa will further its mission to transform office buildings into engaged communities that improves the work-day experience of Australians both professionally and socially.

Equiem CEO Gabrielle McMillan says: “The Investa agreement is a great validation of what our platform can offer. Investa realise that technology can be used to enhance the customer experience, both for tenants and their employees, and as such is a key strategy in allowing them to differentiate their offering from their competitors.

“By providing real-time, online communication between tenants, building management, service providers, retailers and any other related parties, they are taking the office experience to a new level. It effectively transforms a commercial building into a community, and by doing so becomes a critical part of the value proposition that office building owners and managers can offer to retain tenants.

“Building owners are adapting from selling space to selling an experience. To retain talent and tenants, building owners and employers alike need to create workplaces where people want to be and where people can do their best work.”

The history of Equiem

In its six-year history, Equiem has emerged as the dominant player in the Australian market, with its technology now in place in over 100 buildings or about 4.1 million square metres of office and retail space, or approximately 25% of the A grade commercial office space market.

The Equiem-Investa partnership will deliver INSITE, a digital platform that combines Equiem’s market leading online portal with time saving services and in-building events, retail offers and local news. The platform enables easy communication and interaction between tenants and Investa staff, and among the tenants themselves.

The launch of INSITE follows an initial pilot, where Investa trialled a range of services and experiences to determine what tenants were most interested in and how this varied across location, building size, grade and tenant mix.

INSITE Portal Launch at 567 Collins, Melbourne
INSITE Portal Launch at 126 Phillip, Sydney
‍INSITE Portal Launch at 126 Phillip, Sydney

Investa Group Executive - Real Estate Services & Business Operations, Sally Franklin, said: “We have dedicated teams for each building, with many teams located on site, so we’re able to fully leverage INSITE.

“We know our tenants well and are consistently in contact, so we’re able to actively seek feedback and really use the program to build strong long term relationships with our tenants.

“With a potential audience of 100,000 working in Investa buildings nationally, we believe this program allows us to uniquely meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated workforce who want more from their employers than just their day job.”

The services range from dry-cleaning and tailoring through to bike repairs and a concierge service in selected buildings. The portal can also distribute special offers or local news and events and place orders for coffee, gifts, tickets, flowers and more.

Investa has found that the events component was a key driver for new registrations and engagement with the portal, with sustainability, health and wellbeing themed events attracting more than 300 guests in some buildings.

INSITE Portal Launch at 135 King, Sydney
INSITE Portal Launch at 1 Market, Sydney
‍INSITE Portal Launch at 567 Collins, Melbourne
‍‍‍INSITE Portal Launch at 1 Market, Sydney