How to connect your commercial tenants with your onsite retailers

March 9, 2021

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With Equiem Marketplace, you can create a fully-fledged Store and offer virtually all kinds of products and services to your tenants.

Think dry cleaning, space bookings, fitness classes, locker subscriptions, food and beverage, deals and promotions, and more. Marketplace also enables bookable entry to buildings and facilities.

Why an online store?

Offer value, and streamline building management operations at the same time

Marketplace helps to streamline operations for your team. The Store can be used to manage tenant access requests, monetise amenities (like lockers), and digitise forms (like liability waivers). The system also contributes to your Social initiatives as part of your wider ESG strategy.

The user experience your tenants expect

Once configured, the Store lives on its own dedicated tab. Users start either by searching for their preferred product or retailer, or by navigating through the Store categories.

The Store provides an end-to-end e-commerce experience in line with best practice UX/UI. Users can shop, add to cart, add comments, choose their preferred delivery and payment methods, and check-out. Payments are processed safely and securely using their chosen credit card, and receipts are stored on their account tab.


Events tab on the Equiem tenant platform | Equiem tenant app


The order progression interface then shows users the stage their order is at from acceptance to completion, and gives them a completion time. Push notifications let users know when updates are made to their order, so they never miss anything. For bookings, the app even sends SMS reminders before sessions are about to start. 

From these examples alone, it's easy to see how Marketplace unlocks new value for you and your tenants. It also empowers your team and your onsite retailers - to find out more, check out this Marketplace video.

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