Onsite and online: How a Tenant Experience platform serves hybrid work

March 28, 2022

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Many offices around the world have moved to a hybrid format. But with part of your workforce remote and part onsite, it's important to find a place to bring everyone together. Your tenant experience platform can be that place.

Many offices around the world are now back up and running, but most are still functioning with a hybrid workforce. Some workers continue to work from home, and many more are working in the office on selected days instead of the entire working week.

Finding ways to bring your workforce together when no one was in the office was a real challenge. We've covered it before. But finding a way to unify a hybrid workforce presents its own set of challenges. And while we can use many of the same set of tools to face this challenge, it's important to adjust the strategy to this changed situation.

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Use your tenant experience app to bring people together

At its core, a tenant experience app like Equiem exists to bring your employees together. It's an online hub where all the people from your building can come together.

Over the last couple of years, businesses around the world have spent a lot of time and money bringing their communities together online. Office buildings, in particular, have innovated at a scale that was previously unimaginable.

Equiem was no different. We created Remote by Equiem to assist landlords and property managers as they brought their building communities together.

Offices are now beginning to emphasise a hybrid approach, encouraging workers to spend more time onsite while affording them the freedom to work remotely on a flexible basis. In this scenario, the online tools we've all built will continue to be important. 

Your online platform will allow remote workers to stay connected to their onsite counterparts. It will allow hybrid workers to stay up-to-date on events occurring in the office, letting them know when their presence will be most appreciated and beneficial. You'll be able to engage remote workers to find out what would motivate them to return to your site. And, perhaps most importantly, you create a shared space where a fragmented workforce can remain whole.

For all these reasons, the strengths of your online platform will continue to be an advantage as more workers begin to return to the site. In fact, you may even find that a robust online presence can help to bring your workers into the office more frequently.

Bridge the divide with activities

As workers return to the office, the temptation will be to throw all your budget behind onsite activities and events. You've no doubt spent the last couple of years investing in virtual events, but now it's time to welcome your people back to the physical world. Right?

Well, if you're not careful, you'll run the risk of leaving remote-first workers behind. If all your budget goes to onsite events while virtual events disappear from your calendar, the workers who are hesitant to return may end up feeling more alienated from the office place than they otherwise would.

Maintaining an online social sphere presents a significant, if slightly hidden, opportunity. In fact, it could work to your benefit to think about your online activities as a sort of "bridge back to work".

Let's take fitness classes as an example. If you continue to host online fitness classes, your remote workers will not only feel anchored to their workplace and their fellow employees, they'll also continue to engage with the app at a similar level. With those workers engaged, you have a unique opportunity to launch an onsite fitness class and promote it to precisely the people for whom it could be most powerful.

These are users who are hesitant to return to the office, yet interested and engaged in fitness activities. Your new onsite fitness programme could be exactly what's needed to overcome their hesitation.

A hybrid workforce lives online

Here's the takeaway: If part of your workforce is remote and part of your workforce is onsite, your whole workforce needs to be online.

Creating and maintaining an online platform for your workforce is what will make it whole. Even if your goal is to eventually bring all workers back together in the office, maintaining a unified sense of identity will be pivotal. Equiem gives you the tools to keep your online community thriving at the same time as your onsite events and activities begin to flourish again.

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