Online Community Bingo, A Remote by Equiem Story

March 30, 2020

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This week, we launched Remote by Equiem, our virtual amenities and services platform. A fully digital service, Remote is designed to support today's remote workforce during COVID-19, specifically addressing the need for exercise, access to healthy food, virtual socialization, productivity hacks, interactive educational content, and other services.

Remote by Equiem - Virtual Amenities + Service Platform

We kicked off Remote with a range of online wellness activities such as live meditation webinars, virtual craft workshops, work-from-home (WFH) setup competitions, online fitness classes, charity hamper auctions, and our very first Online Community Bingo.

Remote online community bingo | Equiem tenant app

Remote Online Community Bingo

Remote Online Community Bingo was a fully-digital experience, coordinated entirely by our Community Managers across video conference. Participants joined in from their "home offices" to participate, connected with fellow community members, engaged in a little healthy competition, all while playing along with virtual Bingo Cards, and common household items.

Our virtual bingo participants also joined in on a photo competition - players submitted their best working from home snap, for the chance to win prizes such as kindle and Amazon vouchers, and hampers. In total, over 45 images were uploaded throughout the game. 

Having a remotely good time

In the end, "Bingo" was a great success, attracting 90+ enthusiastic WFH Bingo players (as well as their household members, kids and pets), and generating 130+ likes and comments.

Bingo Players shared their thoughts on the activity, with participants proclaiming;

"I love this idea. Just what we need in these difficult times. Keep up the good work!"

- Tenant

 "Thanks for organising this. Adds a bit of brightness to the lockdown situation."

- Tenant

Online Community Bingo is just a small piece of our overall Remote programming for tenant experience, comprising an extensive pool of wellness activities and tools, aimed at empowering users in their home workspaces, and providing stability and community support while working remotely.

Interested in launching remote in your building or company? Find out more about Remote here.

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