The Equiem Momentum Conference [2020]

March 26, 2020

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This week we hosted our very first "Engagement" conference designed to empower our exceptional Community Managers with the inspiration, ideas and tools to continue to lead the world in tenant engagement strategy and execution.

Across two days at the lively surrounds of Melbourne Zoo, Equiem veterans (including some that have been with us for 5+ years) and newbies alike, shared experiences, ideas, our biggest wins (and lessons), and brainstormed new ways to foster communities in the workplace and bring even more smiles to our clients and customers.

Equiem at Momentum

Equiem Momentum 2020 conference | Equiem tenant app

We were joined by special guest Lorenz Grollo, Equiem co-founder and Grollo Group CEO, who shared valuable insights into the drive behind creating a platform to help landlords connect to their building tenants and customers on a deeper level.

Workshop at Momentum 2020 | Equiem tenant app

'Equiem was born out of being curious. Curious about who is in our buildings. Curious about how we can improve their workplaces. And curious as to how we engage them.'

Presentation at Momentum 2020 | Equiem tenant app

A big thank you to our valued team members that showed relentless passion and drive on the day and we can't wait to see the momentum continue across our 2020 engagement strategies.