Keep your tenants COVID-safe and boost your ESG strategy with SMART

March 11, 2021

3 minute read

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It's an uncertain time. You need a reliable way to keep tenants safe and secure in your buildings. With real-time data, you can operate effectively and decisively, and with total peace of mind.

SMART is our standalone smart building platform, designed to enable complete digital monitoring of your commercial office buildings. Connected with your tenant experience platform solution, SMART helps you to manage your buildings more effectively.

Monitor your building or portfolio in real time

Using SMART, you can track lobby traffic, building occupancy, air quality and more — across tenancies, common areas, elevators, buildings, and even your entire portfolio. Even better, all of this tracking data is fed to you in real time. 

This real-time data helps you to keep tenants safe, but it also helps to streamline building operations. Introduce staggered building entry times, better manage cleaning and security teams, create benchmarks, and more.

Want to give tenants added peace of mind? You can create specialised dashboard views to share with them (e.g. tenant representatives), so they can come and go from your building with confidence.

How does the SMART building technology setup work?

Based on your needs, we'll supply and install silent, non-invasive sensors in your building. Paired with our SMART dashboards, you have everything you need.

With our SMART building solution, you can:

  • Design your own smart sensor network (e.g. place tracking sensors above desks or in entryways, while limiting air quality sensors to common areas)
  • Cover all required spaces (lobbies, common areas, tenancies, and more)
  • Receive accurate, granular data localised to specific sensors
Visualisation of air quality readings | Equiem tenant app
Track building air quality, foot traffic, and more — down to the individual desk.


An end-to-end hardware and software solution

The moment your sensors start gathering data, you can view the incoming feed and use it to make decisions for your tenant community. No more guesswork — instead, you can:

  • Customise your dashboard feed to suit you and your team
  • Get real-time information, refreshed and updated every 60 seconds
  • Get automated notifications when thresholds are exceeded
  • Share key dashboards or information feeds with your tenants

Evolve building operations and bolster your ESG strategy

It's estimated that 39% of global carbon emissions come from buildings and construction. The data you'll uncover from your SMART solution could help you optimise your building, reduce your carbon footprint, and more.

Overview of ESG data | Equiem tenant app
All the data you need to maintain a robust ESG strategy.

SMART will help you to:

  • Benchmark your air quality and carbon footprint to track improvements over time
  • Set alert thresholds on your sensors to identify parts of building infrastructure that are energy inefficient
  • Reduce your energy consumption by up to 25%
  • Make your tenants happier and healthier by tracking and improving temperature, humidity, CO2, total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), and particulate matter
  • Make better informed decisions around the commercialisation of space, like where you place advertising and pop-ups
  • Build stronger cases for downsizing, refurbing, or reallocating underutilised spaces
  • Anticipate isolated disruptions with area closures (due to normally high foot traffic in those areas) and notify tenants well ahead of time

No one ever wishes they had less information!


Want to get started with a smart building technology solution for your building? Reach out to us and schedule a demo today.