Introducing Deals, Bookings and our refreshed Spaces

December 8, 2019

2 minute read

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Overhauling our tech through Equiem NEXT has enabled us to add two features to our app-based e-commerce engine (Store NG): Deals and Bookings. Customers love the new functionality and vendors are thanking us for further simplifying their operations. This quarter brings also an update to our flexible spaces booking platform. Christmas came early this year!


Promotional office on user's phone | Equiem tenant app


Deals tacks neatly onto our app-based Store and enables vendors to list specials and offers. Let's say you run a catering business. Using Deals, you can:

  • Notify customers of a promotion (say 10% off in-store)
  • Send them to your website via an affiliate link
  • Attach a unique redemption code for a promotion to track customer redemptions

All using a customer-facing listing page designed to be easy on the eye.




Using the new Bookings feature customers can more quickly and easily book into (and pay for) things via the app-based Store, allowing the provision of fitness classes, flu shots, seminars, rooms and more. Select your date, pay (if required), and you're RSVP'd. You'll receive an SMS confirmation before your event with the option to check in. Vendors get a simplified event management interface and real-time attendee reports via the Store Manager.


Simplified vendor interface | Equiem tenant app


Flex space platform

Spaces, our flexible spaces booking platform, has a brand new look and feel. On the surface, everything looks much prettier; just underneath, the improved user interface boasts handy new search widgets. That's not all, of course — but to see the rest in action, why not get Spaces up and running? Flexible space booking is an invaluable tool for elevating your tenant engagement strategy.


The New Year will bring further developments to Store NG, Spaces, and other key components of the Equiem tech suite. If you want to know more, reach out to us today.