How Workplace Managers benefit from Equiem One

June 14, 2022

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Equiem One offers a unique view for every stakeholder within the workplace ecosystem. Today, we take a look at what Workplace Managers stand to gain from the new platform. 

Managing a workplace is a complicated task. When you sit at the nexus between your workers and their building where they work, you’re expected to be across all the systems, processes, and stakeholders involved. Equiem One puts you in control of every aspect of the workplace.

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Equiem One’s modular platform offers a customisable view for Workplace Managers, designed to offer every tool you need to perform your role with ease and fluidity. You’ll have instant access to powerful collaboration tools, building processes, and deep analytics about your workers.

With these tools available in a single hub, Workplace Managers will only ever be a click away from their goal.

Collaboration opportunities for Workplace Managers

In the past, collaboration between building stakeholders has been stymied by disparate, incompatible systems. When your building manager uses one platform and your workplace manager uses another, it can be difficult to be on the same page.

Thanks to Equiem One, those disparate systems can be left to the past. Equiem One features all your buildings TenX, ops, and data tools in a single place. But with its modular design, each stakeholder only sees the tools that are relevant to them.

What this means is that building managers and workplace managers will have access to shared tools in Equiem One wherever their responsibilities cross over. They’ll be able to collaborate on content and event plans, ensuring that the building’s strategy is beneficial for the people of that particular workplace.

Each stakeholder will be able to keep a keen eye on the analytics, with clear insights showing how workers within the tenancy could be better reached or serviced. 

Streamline and modernise processes

Modern offices and commercial buildings can easily get tangled in spiderwebs of processes and systems – some of them interlocking, some of them overlapping. When you consider the multitude of responsibilities on a Workplace Manager’s plate, you can see how things can quickly get out of hand.

Workplace Managers can be responsible for managing spaces such as meeting rooms and common areas, end-of-trip facilities, workplace events, office orders, and so much more. In Equiem One, all of these processes can be controlled within a single screen.


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By centralising the control of these workplace systems, Equiem One not only prevents time wastage, it also offers a new level of control and fluidity over the workplace. When you can monitor workplace satisfaction on the same page that tells you how workers are utilising your spaces, you can quickly reach a level of understanding that can be impossible with systems that don’t speak to each other.  

Understand your workers

One of the hardest things for any Workplace Manager is understanding how their workers feel about what’s going on in the workplace. Sure, you can get some idea with regular polls and feedback, but there is a deeper level of understanding available.

By using Equiem One, you’ll be able to glean insight from every single employee interaction. Whether workers are reading blogs, booking spaces, engaging with retailers in your buildings eCommerce shop, or attending events, you’ll be able to gather data and get a fuller picture of what employees want and need from their building and workplace.

And, of course, polls and surveys can be quickly created and sent to employees. You can even segment your workers into groups to dig into the finer details of your employees or assess the success of individual strategies.

A new dawn for Workplace Managers

With the tools available in Equiem One, Workplace Managers can easily level up their results and the satisfaction of their employees within the workplace. New opportunities for meaningful collaboration can deepen the relationship between stakeholders, allowing for building-wide initiatives to resonate more deeply within individual tenancies. Meanwhile, the labour and time required to wrangle workplace processes will be drastically slashed.

On top of all that, the ability to gain a new and more total understanding of your workers means that you can assess the impact and effectiveness of every decision – be it within a single company or within the asset as a whole.

Ultimately, Equiem One delivers on the goal that Equiem has always strived for. It makes the workplace feel like an extension of the people who work there. A more human workplace, designed to work for you.

Take control of your workplace! Read more about Equiem One or book a free demo and discover a new world of tools for Workplace Managers.

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