How wellbeing initiatives can bring people back to work

March 30, 2022

4 minute read

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Why do some workers prefer working from home? Sometimes it's as simple as the home being more comfortable and pleasant than the office. But what if the office could become a hub of wellness for workers?

Let's face it — prior to the pandemic, the "office place" was beginning to rest on its laurels. The office was the only game in town, and so there was no need to make it the best place it could possibly be.

Sure, there were employers and landlords who have always recognised the need for a workspace that cultivates workers and encourages them to reach their full potential. And those offices have seen the dividends pay out in worker productivity. Now the pandemic has made it abundantly clear that it's time for all offices, everywhere, to step up their game and beat the competition.

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What is the competition? It's a workplace where each individual worker is in control of the temperature, the light settings, the furniture, the catering... and where they can all bring their dogs.

That's right, it's the home office.

A new type of office can bring people back to work

Antony Slumbers, a proptech expert, has recently touted the idea that the workplace can occupy a new role in the altered landscape of a post-COVID industry. If offices are reimagined as hubs of wellbeing and measurable productivity, they can achieve a new level of relevance for workers and employers.

By recreating the office in this way, workers will still be free to work in their home offices. But, pivotally, they'll want to come to the office because of the many benefits it affords them.

Wellbeing resources

Don't make the mistake of thinking this kind of transformation needs to break the budget. A simple change of strategy and priorities can make a huge difference in the way employees feel about their workplace.

With just a little bit of effort and the right help, you can craft a campaign focused on the health and wellness of your users. If you have a tenant app like Equiem, you can use it as a robust resource centre that offers employees everything they need. For instance, you can host resources, tools, tips, articles, and freebies focusing on mental health, stress management, and dealing with the logistics of returning to the office.

Then, it's just a matter of disseminating those resources to your users. Again, Equiem's communications platform can help you achieve that goal with ease and efficiency.

Connect with local businesses

One of the great advantages the office has over the home office is location. When you think about it, much of our modern lives are shaped around the idea that we live in areas designed for living and work in areas designed for commerce.

Many people have adjusted to the new rhythm of lives away from the city centre, but nothing beats the convenience of working just a stone's throw from a bustling shopping district. If your office is located in close proximity to local businesses like gyms, swimming centres, yoga studios, and so forth, make sure you're highlighting that in your communications.

A tenant experience app like Equiem offers unique ways to connect your users to those businesses. For instance, Equiem's  eCommerce Marketplace allows you to onboard retailers and services to a shop designed for the workers in your building. Using their desktop or mobile app, they can then engage with these businesses in new ways, like booking a class from their phone. It's a great way to showcase the convenience of the workplace, and how it can contribute to your users overall health and wellness.

Communicate about your strengths

Creating a more health-focused environment may not even require any significant changes to your building. You may already have a gym onsite. You may have a bevy of local wellness proprietors.

In that case, the key is communication

Ensure that your users and tenants know about all the great health and wellness options available to them at your site. Try an email Newsletter with offers and discounts for your top wellness businesses or a newsfeed post highlighting your onsite gym. With Equiem's CMS, you can even segment these posts and emails to go directly to the users who will be most interested. 

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