How to track tenant lease expiry with one system

July 8, 2021

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Admin Panel is the nerve centre of the Equiem tenant experience technology suite. One of its features, the Leasing tab, helps leasing teams to manage lease expiries and easily match them to useful data about what tenants want, think, and do.

Leasing expiry tracking software is a common part of most building management software solutions. However, the Equiem leasing expiry function goes one step further, enabling leasing teams to supplement tracking duties with real, actionable insights and qualitative feedback.

Equiem's Leasing Expiry Tracking Software

The difference is quite simple: You know that Tenant A is up for renewal on August 31, 2021 – and you know that the value of the lease renewal is, say, $35,000 per year. Now, because your leasing data is plugged into the Equiem suite, it can be immediately framed by deeper and more meaningful information. At a glance, you might uncover such insights as:

  • Tenant A scored you 9 out of 10 in the last NPS survey you conducted via the platform.
  • The employees of Tenant A are big fans of the yoga classes you hold in your buildings.
  • Tenant A are avid readers of the content you post on your tenant experience platform.
  • Tenant A are faithful patrons of the cafe onsite, spending in excess of $25,000 per year.

Now you have a window into the likes, wants, and behaviours of Tenant A. Now you know how they feel about you, numerically and irrefutably. Therefore, you can build a tailored lease renewal strategy, free from guesswork.

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A Closer Look at the Equiem Leasing Interface

The Leasing tab, shown below, presents to you a table into which you enter all relevant leasing information – including company, leasing entity, business number, number of employees, the lease start and end dates, the size of the lease, and more.

Leasing interface | Equiem tenant app

Admin Panel with Analytics Dashboard

Once all the information is entered into Admin Panel, it is pulled through to your Analytics Dashboards. From that point on, all tenant interactions across all Equiem systems (the core tenant experience platform, for instance, or our flexible space booking platform) can be filtered and viewed in connection with leasing data.

The interface allows you to modify your leasing diary, and the information associated with specific tenancies. You can add additional leases to a company, modify leases, terminate leases, and recreate leases (in the event that terms change).

Key Property Management Tools for Leasing Teams

For leasing teams, the niftiest part is the direct interaction between lease diary management, tenant interactions, and the resultant analytics. The ‘Leasing’ tab of your personal Analytics Dashboards will match tenants to all relevant actions: NPS scoring, any poll responses, content readership statistics, event attendance, store purchases, and much more.

Lease retention dashboard | Equiem tenant app

Building management software is a critical tool for leasing teams – but we aim to help leasing teams manage smarter, by exponentially increasing their ability to gather data and understand their tenants.

We can help you get started with data-focussed leasing management. For a tailored presentation based on your specific needs, reach out to us today.

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