How to effectively market your tenant experience platform to tenants

April 13, 2021

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Adopting tenant experience tech is a great first step in galvanising your commercial assets against the uncertainty of the future. But adoption is only half the battle.

Tenants do not always immediately become faithful end users. Sometimes, they must be coaxed. The method of user acquisition is often similar to a traditional multi-step marketing conversion funnel. For instance: 


  • You might start with a teaser campaign, calling tenants to pre-register via lobby and elevator screen signage.
  • Then you might invite those captured registrants to a pancake social, held in a highly-visible building common area. You encourage early adopters to bring colleagues, organically expanding the web of awareness. Of course, during the event, you put on compelling demonstrations of the platform, encouraging more adopters to join.
  • After that, you might organise a Store discount promotion campaign involving onsite retailers. Everyone loves a free coffee and a cheap croissant, so the word is bound to spread quickly.

It may take three steps (sometimes more, sometimes less) to get a sizable proportion of tenants through your funnel. You will likely capture the majority in steps one and two, but you will inevitably capture stragglers as well — those present only for one event, or those who only see one call-to-action.

Tenants, like any prospective customers, need to be nurtured.

At Equiem, a well-designed tenant experience platform launch is a critical part of our service offering. We work with building management marketing and customer success teams to devise and execute strategies that convert high percentages of building populations. Take this excerpted example from our Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Launching a Tenant Experience Platform:

When launching our tenant experience platform across 10 Unico assets in March and April 2020, we developed a two-step soft launch campaign. The first step was a breakfast social, in which key tenant contacts were given a sneak peek of the incoming platform. In the second phase, we held a massive morning tea mixer in the building lobby, in which all tenants were invited to register to the platform while sharing in delightful pastries. The two-step campaign was a massive success, and saw as many as 68% building occupants sign up to their new community platform in a single week.

Whenever a tenant experience platform is launched without fanfare, registration and Monthly Active User (MAU) rates languish. So too if platform awareness is not regularly raised — not least because tenants and employees, over time, come and go. So we construct fanfare, and help you to promote your specific solution to your tenants at very regular intervals. This is particularly useful to landlords who do not have traditional marketing or creative teams. 

Our Engagement team is your marketing agency

If you choose to enlist our Engagement experts, whether for a single asset or your entire portfolio, you are investing in tailored marketing support, complete with creative production (or consultation, if that is preferred).

We handle traditional marketing output, coordinating messaging and imagery to produce flyers, lift screen promos, A0 boards, email blasts, you name it. Then, we go beyond, supplementing the evergreen messaging with organic experiential marketing activities. These experiences — events, seminars, mixers, daily check-ins, surprise-and-delight tenancy visits — are critical in converting tenants into end users. You need both traditional and experiential marketing touch points to reliably reach people and guide them through your funnel.

Of course, everything we produced is white-labelled. It is you, communicating directly and memorably with your tenants.

A recent Equiem campaign

We have recently completed an evergreen post-COVID campaign for our clients, designed to drive awareness of the platform as tenants are returning to their workplaces. 

Our message? The workplace is not the same as it was before. It has evolved, and so have the technologies that support it. 

Concepts? Copy? Imagery? We do it all, in collaboration with you.


To tenants, we say: Yes, you may have adopted the hybrid working model. You may, right now, spend one or two days a week working from home. But when you are here, you have a complete technological companion: one tool to access your office, to order food and organise dry cleaning, to submit work requests, to book flexible space. 

That's not all. Your workday companion also inspires productivity and collaboration in ways you did not expect, even when working from home. It's a zone for inter- and intra-company collaboration, for communication, for information, for lunchtime entertainment.

Campaign execution | Equiem tenant app


The bottom line: The office experience is now inextricably linked to your app. If the workplace evolves again, your tenant experience platform will evolve alongside it.

As you can see from this concept deck, we handle strategy and execution, end-to-end. We design proofs for A0 boards, strut cards, decals, A5 flyers, lift screens, and more. You can even see your mock-ups in situ. Then, once you give approval, we go to work printing and assembling.

Marketing materials | Equiem tenant app


We have run countless platform awareness campaigns for our clients over the last ten years. Each one is tailored to your brand, your assets, and your goals; each is customizable. We are your partner in customer success and driving adoption, because we know that regular engagement is crucial to the success of tenant experience. Better still, we help you track the success of your marketing activities through our in-built Analytics Dashboards. By tracking increases in registrations, MAU, content views, and Visits Per User (VPU), you can be sure of a return on your investment, and you can devise what you might do next to engage with your tenants.

Want to see how we might formulate a platform launch and marketing strategy specifically for your brand and assets? Reach out to us today.

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