Here's how our Event Manager helps you create and manage tenant events

February 28, 2021

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With Equiem, building management and customer experience teams are empowered with all the tools and resources needed to manage events from day one.

Build and manage your tenant events calendar easily, with data-driven insights to help you optimise event attendance. Iris, our Content Management System (CMS), will do the hard work so you can focus on your tenants. Simply create event posts, then add them to a platform calendar feed. From there, you can:

  • Collect RSVPs if you want (or disable the feature on a post-by-post basis if you don't)
  • Gather full attendance reports with tenant information
  • Check-in app to help you check users into events
  • Event ticketing functionality

The end-user platform even enables your tenants to add events directly to their personal calendars (like Google, Apple, Yahoo, and more).

Equiem personalised event calendar | Equiem tenant app

Endless tenant engagement possibilities

Iris supports your goals and ambitions with a simple management interface. Use it to offer all kinds of event types, such as fitness classes, seminars, workshops, and seasonal activations. You can promote free and ticketed local events and offers (even from a network of partners), too. That's not all: Using our Segmentation feature, you can even offer VIP functions to select tenants.

Next-level tenant engagement with event segmentation

Segmentation enables you to create your own audience groups and offer tailored events to those groups. Simply set up your segments within Admin Panel, then use Iris to prepare the content. You can:

  • Create a virtually endless list of user segments by building, level, area, company, user interests and tenant roles
  • Segment events and event notifications to those segments whenever you want

Event segmentation presents virtually endless applications: Reward highly-engaged tenants, re-engage absent tenants, welcome new tenants, and more.

Learn what events your tenants attend and like using data

All event data is filtered through to your Analytics Dashboards, helping you to see which events are most and least popular. From there you can evolve your events calendar and engagement strategy to enhance your offering.

  • See RSVPs and check-ins over any period of time you choose
  • See the most and least popular events
  • Compare event post views, likes, and comments with actual attendance
  • Test promotion techniques for event posts by tracking newsletter and notification analytics

To see our event management tool in action, watch this short video:


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