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How leasing teams use Equiem tech to close new tenant deals

With our tenant experience platform, you have a compelling and memorable way of introducing prospective tenants to your building, its services and amenities.

Your branded Equiem tenant app is a digital representation of your community and your brand. It is a complete, living, digital record of the excellent customer service and useful amenities you provide to your tenants, every day. Through content interactions, comments, and live poll responses, you are also collecting and displaying invaluable bites of social proof to all who visit. As such, your tenant app can be one of your most valuable marketing tools. Hands-on interaction with the product is always the best pathway to adoption. Show, don't tell.

With no disruption to the regular experience for existing tenants, leasing agents can run a VIP 'grand tour' for leasing prospects within the Equiem tenant app ecosystem. This tour can take many forms, utilising any or all of your supplementary Equiem systems. For instance, you might create a digital path from home, to the store, to your flex space booking platform, to the "building information" section, and finally to an exclusive competition open only to leasing prospects. Once the tour is complete, the trial can proceed informally until you are ready to follow up, in person, with would-be customers. And, should they decide to lease elsewhere, access to your platform can be easily and instantly revoked.

There are many benefits to offering self-led discovery:

  • Your prospective customer is treated to a personalised, interactive experience they will remember and can record for the purposes of internal decision-making
  • You build an immediate sense of confidence and trust
  • You can capture valuable data on how your tour is received, where visitors go during their trial, and more

The secret: Segmentation

Our segmentation feature enables you to offer personalized content, services, products, and amenities to custom user groups. These user groups can be set based on company, floor, area, role (e.g. tenant representative or fire warden), and even by "interest" (e.g. bike commuters, cat lovers, candlestick makers). Once configured, you can create exclusive content posts or store products and set them as visible only to the segments you choose.

Both you and your users can choose from custom-made 'interests', and receive content, products and services tailored to that interest.

So, to create your VIP grand tour experience, you would:

1. Onboard the prospect company in Admin Panel, and whitelist the company email address to enable simple registration
2. Create a special catalogue of content and products dedicated to that company (and segment it accordingly), with offerings like:

  • Welcome to your VIP tour, [INSERT COMPANY A]
  • Here's a free coffee to try out our store
  • Join our exclusive VIP tour competition to win a Nespresso coffee machine
  • RSVP to our digital Friday afternoon mixer
  • Try out our COVID-safe building access measures

3. Advise the prospect company to download the Equiem app, and register using the whitelisted company email address

Once the prospect company has accessed the platform, and the VIP tour period has begun, you would supplement your introductory content with new posts, offers, products, and helpful tips — all scattered throughout the platform at regular intervals, so as to encourage exploration. 

The home page has a dedicated 'For me' carousel, which showcases segmented content to the groups of your choosing.

You would also send through daily (or weekly) targeted communications exclusively to the prospect company, in the form of email newsletters. Populate the newsletters with your best content, products, and services, ensuring they are seen and shared by as many team members within that company as possible.

All the while, you are adding to the value of a hands-on demonstration with the offline account management and engagement you already do so well. Daily check-ins and follow-up meetings invariably gravitate toward the platform tour, its features, and its many "wow!" moments. The prospect of a combination digital community and technological companion is, to most tenants, completely novel.

Don't forget: Everything your prospective customers do on their VIP grand tour is recorded in your Analytics Dashboards. So you know what they did, the content they read, the services and features with which they interacted, and more. This data will serve you in formulating a post-campaign push for key decision makers. Clinch the deal with incontrovertible insights: "According to our poll‚" you might say, "your employees love being able to order their dry cleaning and lunch via the app, to their desk." 

The VIP grand tour is just one way we support leasing teams. Check out this video on our Leasing Dashboards, which help agents build tailored renewal strategies based on tenant activity and sentiment. And if you'd like to get started optimizing your leasing strategy, reach out to us today for a demo.