How Equiem's tenant app fosters meaningful engagement

March 16, 2022

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Ensuring your users are engaged is vital for their satisfaction. And satisfied users make for tenants who are more likely to renew leases. How can Equiem help to engage your users?

We know from our Global Office Tenant Report that people view the workplace as the number one place for collaboration and community. The best way you can foster that sense of community on your site is to cultivate engagement in your users.

People engage with their workplace in many ways. A robust engagement strategy encourages your users to interact with every level of your building, from the amenities and services to their online tenant app. Equiem's platform empowers you with a powerful suite of tools designed to engage users both on and offline.

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Communication goes both ways

It's important to communicate with your users, but here's something that might not be immediately obvious... it's important that they have a way to talk back.

Communication is not simply a way to tell your users about your building's features, events, and offers. It's also how you can find out how your users feel about those features, events, and offers. A two-way avenue of communication allows your workplace to be truly collaborative.

How does Equiem enable this? Well, our tenant app offers you a deep and diverse communications toolset. Here are just a few of the features that help you have a conversation with your users:

  • Highlight upcoming events and placemaking content on your tenant app's news and events feed.
  • Easily craft custom newsletters highlighting news and events around your site.
  • Segment your audience to ensure the right information gets to the right people. Organise your users by role, building, level, interests, and more.
  • Find out what's important to your users with the Equiem tenant app's survey and polling feature. You can also use this feature to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns and new building features. 


Most importantly, the way your users interact with your content can be understood on your analytics dashboard  a simple visualisation of every interaction across your tenant app. By monitoring this dashboard, you can easily find out what sort of content your users like, what they want from their building, and how you can improve their workplace experience.

Equiem's tenant app can boost user satisfaction

It's best to think of the relationship between your building and its users as a sort of loop. By offering excellent facilities and activities, you ensure your users are engaged. When users are engaged, their satisfaction grows. And satisfied users are more likely to engage again in the future.

The Equiem tenant app is designed to aid every stage of that loop.

Use the app to launch and promote placemaking content and events, designed to invite your tenants and their users to participate in the identity of the building. You can then use the newsfeed and email newsletters to send content to the users who you know will engage with it, while events can be promoted on the tenant app's event feed.

And when users engage  say, by clicking through to content or RSVP'ing to events  your analytics dashboard breaks down those interactions into actionable insights. What this means is simple, yet powerful: every interaction from a user gives you the building blocks for future engagement.

All this amounts to a strategy that is shaped by the user as much as for the user. You know what content, events, and facilities your users like. And that allows you to focus on the future, creating more satisfied users and, ultimately, more loyal tenants.

Connect your users with your retailers

A workplace is not simply a place where people come to work. Workers can spend dozens of hours at their workplace every week, making it a major component of their lives. That's why your strategy has to stretch beyond meeting rooms and End-of-Trip facilities.

Your onsite retailers, service providers, and food and beverage vendors are vital to the day-to-day experience of your tenants and users. Equiem's tenant app features a powerful eCommerce platform designed to connect your users with all your onsite vendors. And best of all, it's easy for your vendors to onboard themselves to the app, giving them access to a deep, functional eCommerce shop.

By onboarding your retailers, you can create a more exciting environment for workers while driving up business at the same time. Your users will be able to browse a custom shop in their tenant app, then order whatever they like without ever leaving their desk. They can also choose from a range of available delivery options including pickup and direct-to-office delivery. Orders and payments can be managed within the app, creating a seamless experience for customers and retailers alike.

But the true power of the Equiem tenant app's eCommerce functionality goes beyond the practical benefits. Your building's retail options form an integral part of its identity and an important part of your users' daily experience. By placing those retailers in the palm of your users' hands, you create a new, simpler way for them to engage with the best your building has to offer. 

Create a truly engaging workplace for your users. Book a free demo and find out how Equiem makes every aspect of the office interactive.


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