How Equiem tailors engagement solutions for your building

April 27, 2022

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Engaged tenants are happy tenants, but keeping people engaged requires the right tools. Equiem offers a comprehensive suite of those tools to make sure that every user in your building is excited to interact with your site  both online and offline.

At the heart of every workplace is the community of people who work there every day. It's the role of landlords and building managers to foster that community in a way that continues to engage its members while also feeling real and authentic.

Equiem empowers you to enrich your building's community with a range of tools including sophisticated content creation and management systems, event planning tools, and reliable help from our experts.

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Custom content for your building

Creating captivating content is one of the most powerful ways to ground your users in the workplace. And Equiem's tools make it simple and easy to create and distribute the type of content you know that your users will respond to.

Our content team will fill your dynamic news feed with sparkling, exclusive articles focused the current events and workplace themes that matter to the people in your building. On top of that bespoke content, you'll also get access to our massive library of adaptable templates, allowing you (or our team) to quickly create a huge amount of material that your users will want to read.

By creating a content plan that frequently delivers interesting articles and posts to your users, you ensure that they stay invested in the building  whether they're working onsite or online. 

Events your users will love

Our team has more than a decade of experience planning and executing workplace events. With our assistance, you can create a vibrant roster of activities and affairs that will have your building's occupiers rushing to RSVP.

In our recent 'Engage with Equiem' eBook, we break down the types of events that people across our global user base are responding to. Currently, food and drink events and fitness classes are at the top of the pile. We've helped countless clients throw fabulous soirees and organize onsite fitness programs, and we'll bring that experience to bear in your building.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to those popular options, we're also able to help you organize anything from corporate networking activities to in-office mani-pedis! Visit our Engagement page to learn more about the many exciting events we can help you launch in your workplace.

Our experts are always there to help

Equiem's team of experts is on hand to help you curate the perfect combination of content and events. Take advantage of all our community management experience, our wealth of user data, and our extensive partner network.

Our assistance is hands-on. We take your budget into account, then create a program of events and content that will consistently engage your users over time. From regular events and services to exciting seasonal activities, we ensure there's always something happening in your building.

When planning events, we can work with our selection of partners or  if you'd prefer  engage tenants from your sites. This means you can use the retail tenants you've already partnered with to throw the perfect events. Want to throw a deck party? We'll work with your onsite restaurants to cater it! Planning a lobby display? Let us organize the decorations with the retailers you've already partnered with in your site.

Not only will this supercharge your onsite events, it also offers the perfect way to promote your retail partners to the occupiers in your buildings.

Download our free Engage with Equiem report now and supercharge the relationship between your building and your users.

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