How Equiem can fix four common office problems

June 30, 2022

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From stymied collaboration to productivity fixes, Equiem can help fix common problems with the Workplace Experience. Here’s how!

There are some problems in the workplace that can be difficult to shake. And we’re not talking about stuttering fluorescent lights or Jim from Accounting who won’t shut up about scuba diving.

We’re talking about things like lack of communication, people working at crossed purposes, or scheduling a meeting and suddenly finding the meeting room is already occupied. Equiem has been designed to make a smoother Workplace Experience for everyone in the building. Here are just four ways we can boost your day-to-day!

Equiem One | Tenant Experience Platform

1. Gridlocked meeting rooms

Let’s say you have three meeting rooms in your workplace. That might seem a lot, but they can fill up pretty quickly. A team working on strategy for the quarter, a salesperson on a sensitive phone call with a client, and another team doing some unstructured brainstorming – suddenly you’re all out of space.

With Equiem’s space booking features, Building Managers can set up bookable rooms and spaces throughout the building. Suddenly, workplaces that felt congested and cluttered can get access to communal meeting and conference rooms to ease the grid lock. Access to flex space can even offer individual workers the space and time to buckle down and focus without distractions.

These spaces can be offered for free or for a fee, and they can be managed, booked, and paid for entirely within the app.

2. Where’s my coffee?!

When you’re in a rush in the morning, you can find yourself choosing between grabbing your morning coffee or making your meeting on time. And let’s be honest… that’s no choice at all.

Equiem makes it easy to grab your morning coffee with a fully functioning eCommerce platform that connects workers to the shops and restaurants in the building. Pick up your coffee in the lobby or order it directly to the meeting. While you’re at it, why not order drinks for your coworkers, too?

And while coffee might be the most important purchase of the day, it doesn’t have to be the only one. Depending on the retailers in and around the particular building, the app’s store could feature anything from health and wellness providers to dry cleaning.

3. Setting a theme across the building

Here’s a problem that never seems to go away. With Property Managers and Workplace Managers each setting their own goals and strategies, it can be hard to settle on a vision that encompasses the whole building. The Property Manager might be planning a big networking event in the lobby, but the individual tenancies have either forgotten about it or planned other things at the same time.

Equiem One offers tools for collaboration that help keep everyone on the same page. For instance, Equiem’s event and content tools are shared by Property Managers and Workplace Managers alike. Not only do they get total transparency over the events and posts being promoted to people within their building, they can collaborate in real time to ensure that every perspective is represented. 

4. Putting people first

Creating a space that feels truly human might just be the holy grail of Workplace Experience. That’s what we’re all working towards, but it can be easy to forget when you’re focused on systems, schedules, maintenance, strategies, and more.

By streamlining these processes, Equiem allows everyone in the workplace ecosystem to act intuitively. With integrated tools for event planning, content strategy, data analytics, eCommerce and more, the distance from idea to implementation is shorter than ever. And, most importantly, you can easily see how your features and initiatives are accessed by the people in your building. In real time.

Ultimately, Equiem makes it easier to create experiences that benefit your workers, promote those experiences to them, and understand whether or not they found them helpful. It’s like a conversation between your building and the people who work there. And there’s nothing more human than true communication.

Make your workplace feel intuitive for workers! Book a free demo and let Equiem bring out the human side of work.

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