How data and analytics can boost your leasing strategy

March 6, 2022

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When it comes to crafting a powerful leasing strategy, knowledge is your best weapon. Learn how our leasing dashboard can supercharge your tactics.

Safeguarding renewals is one of the most important tasks of any leasing team. Those existing tenants represent revenue that is far more costly to replace than it is to maintain. So it makes sense to use every arrow in your quiver to ensure that your tenants are ready and excited to renew their leases when the time comes.

Equiem's leasing dashboard gives you robust tools to achieve that goal. Use the dashboard to track key information about tenancies such as expiry date, active interests, engagement levels, and occupancy rates. Then convert this information into a strategy that you know will work.

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Leasing strategy based on data

Any strategy will be more successful if it's built on knowledge rather than assumption or guesswork. Analytics is the way to acquire that knowledge.

By analysing the way the users from a particular tenancy interact with their platform, you can understand exactly what is the highest priority for that tenancy. What kind of business services are they interested in? Which amenities do they use the most? What retail options do they value?

The answers to these questions can and should inform the way you approach your building management. For instance, if an important tenant is regularly booking out your meeting rooms, consider creating more bookable spaces to suit their needs. If another tenant's users are passionate about the korean BBQ joint in the lobby, make sure you've coordinated with the restaurant to organise desk delivery.

With the responsiveness of our analytics dashboard, the potential to add value for tenants is endless. And don't think you're limited to analysing the services and features that already exist. You can always use our polls and surveys to directly ask users what they're in need of. And that information can shape every aspect of your strategy  from retail partners to event planning and even your content strategy. 

Equiem's Leasing Dashboard

In commercial real estate, it can be easy to miss details. Depending on your building or portfolio, its possible that you could be dealing with dozens or even hundreds of tenants. At that scale, keeping track of even the most basic tenant information can take on significant levels of complexity.

With Equiem's Leasing Dashboard, you have all the information you need at the tips of your fingers. Our responsive, live-data dashboards show you what's going on with every tenant across your building or portfolio  from the size of their office space to the date their tenancy is due to expire.

Key tenant data displayed on our tenant dashboard | Equiem tenant app
Equiem's tenant dashboard lets you keep track of key information

With all this information combined in an easy-to-read table, you'll be able to make informed decisions about the priority of each tenancy. Balance the size of each tenancy against the date their lease ends to create strategies that keep important tenants happy and eager to renew their lease.

Leasing data in action

It's easy to talk about what our Leasing Dashboard can do, but it makes more sense to hear what it's done in the past. Let's take a look at a time when we put this powerful data into action:

One of our clients came to us, looking for a way to improve the way they approached at-risk tenancies. They wanted to develop an ongoing system that would flag tenancies approaching renewal, and arm their team with the information they'd need to secure the deal.

With Equiem's assistance, our client shifted the focus of their engagement strategy to key personnel within key tenancies. The goal was to ensure that these users were regularly engaging with the platform.

The strategy was a success. By engaging these users on a regular basis, out client was able to gain valuable insights about the types of information and services their at-risk tenancies were most interested in. Then, they were able to leverage that information in multiple ways. Firstly, by adjusting their content strategy to better serve those tenancies. But also by incorporating those areas into their lease renewal discussions.

The result was a far more comprehensive and tenant-focused leasing strategy, tailored to each individual company.

Spend less for more

The data you gather from the leasing and analytics dashboards will also allow you to budget more effectively. You'll have data and results from every previous campaign and initiative on hand at all times. That means you can base every new initiative on proven past performance.

And if you're contemplating an untested strategy, this data is particularly valuable. Equiem's survey functionality is perfectly suited for pre-testing new strategies, meaning you won't have to take any blind risks. Simply ask your users a series of relevant questions to ensure that the initiative you're planning will be well received and utilised.

When you use data as the first step of any campaign, you safeguard the return on your investment. Knowing what users want and how they've responded to past initiatives means you can be confident that your new initiative will perform as well as you expect it to.

Start planning from a position of certainty. Book a free demo now and find out how data and analytics can be a strategic silver bullet.

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